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What are the Duties of Landlords in London towards Their Tenants?

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What are the Duties of Landlords in London towards Their Tenants?


If you are a landlord in London, probably, you must be aware of all the vital responsibilities that tag along with your role when letting your property. Depending on the type of tenancy agreement you have, certain rules and processes could differ. However, the general government based responsibilities for landlords in London include:

  • Following necessary safety regulations in the case of fire outbreaks
  • Ensuring that all gas and electrical equipment you supply is used and maintained properly
  • Provide tenants with an energy performance certificate for your property
  • Protect tenants deposit in a government approved scheme
  • Ensure that your property is free and safe from health hazards for your tenants

Among these points, the most important aspect you need to observe includes legal necessities to meet health and safety standards. When you consult an estate agent in East Dulwich, they will guide you on your overall responsibilities regarding the maintenance and repairs you must keep an eye on, in order to keep the property safe. This duty may vary between tenants and landlords, but it is advised that you both come to an agreement.

When you make a tenancy agreement, it will help to make your duties clear (both parties) about your duties before the tenancy period starts. Here’s a look at the pairs, the necessary repairs involved and who is responsible for the different maintenance work for the property.

The Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement has to clearly outline all your rights and responsibilities as a landlord, as well as the rights and duties of your tenants towards the property. This means you will have to list your legal obligations as the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 Section 11 notes, which enforces that all the basic work and repair tasks are the responsibility you as a landlord must carry out. For further details on how the tenancy agreement needs to be, it is always ideal that you consult estate agents, such as those at Fish Need Water.

Equally, your agreement should outline the tenant responsibilities and what they must be aware of when making the contract. In the tenancy agreement, make the duties you expect from your tenants clear in terms of accountability for damages and maintenance. At the same time, you make it easy for the tenants to understand their duties.

Your Duties as a Good Landlord

When it comes to the basic repairs of your property, the general rule in London is that landlords must follow the duties that the government enforces on them. Hence, the factors you need to consider include:

  • Repairs and maintenance of water supplies, electricity and gas supplies
  • Keep the electrical wiring and lighting in a fit state
  • Ensure sanitary fixtures and fittings work in proper order
  • Repair and maintain appliances on the property
  • Work on repairing the interior and exterior of your property. This means you should take up the maintenance of the walls, windows, and other external features such as guttering, drainage, outside piping and roofing.

Regardless of the sort of damages that occur when you work on repairs, whether you wish to hire someone or choose to do it all by yourself, you need to ensure that your property remains in the best state.

The Role of Tenants

For all tenants, their chief obligation has to be to inform and contact landlords for any repair work before they finally receive the green signal to proceed with the repairs. The other aspects tenants should consider include:

  • Ensure to take care and not cause damages to the property by neglecting the affected areas
  • Avoid unnecessary repairs or decoration projects, unless the landlord gives you the permission
  • Maintain the condition, interior, and exterior of the property

During the time of making the tenancy agreement, landlords should include extra maintenance projects. Often, the common requirement is to keep the garden areas in the garden area as attractive as the time of renting out the property. This should also be the duty of your tenants. It is not just good aesthetically, but it will also save you from all the financial burdens of having to carry out the job all by yourself.

If you give your tenants the permission to keep pets on the premises, it should be their responsibility that no damage affects your property and it remains neat.

  • Another important consideration is that tenants need to give landlords the permission into their home; of course, unless it is an emergency situation then they can bend the rules. If tenants fail to carry out all the necessary maintenance and repairs or complete the project with poor standards you may be liable for the negligence.
  • If you own a property and it causes issues for the tenants living in there, affecting their standard of living, you will end up facing legal actions. At such times, they will have the upper hand to claim, if you are not adhering to the terms that the tenancy agreement states.

To ensure that tenants and landlords remain happy with all their responsibilities, the best solution is to create a tenancy agreement that lists individual roles. Consult estate agents today and be sure to stay away from any form of tenant issues.

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