Sometimes, you may not have enough space to keep your stuff or accommodate more people. However, with some home or loft conversions, you may end up getting more space. For instance, most people use their garages as workshops, game rooms, utility rooms other than storing their cars. In extreme circumstances, some homeowners turn their garages into a living room to create more space in their homes.

Having an already built structure, it is easier to make some alterations to be able to use the space as you prefer. It is not difficult because you don’t need any planning or permissions to do the conversion as long as you stay within the perimeter of the original walls.

However, it is advisable to hire a professional or check with the authorities if there are limited use restrictions to avoid future problems. As you are looking to extend your living space by converting your loft or ground floor extension, you should understand that it can turn out costly but here are some alternatives:

Cost effective home extension



You can have some more space in your home by converting your garage. Garage conversion is cheaper but its overall conversion cost depends on what you plan to use the garage for. For instance, converting your garage into a bathroom or kitchen will cost more than converting it into a game room.

This is due to the materials and labor required to make the property conversions a success. Even though it may turn out costly, when done by a professional and to a high standard, it may increase the value of your home in case you intend to sell it.

Utilizing your garage


Even though garage conversion has a lot of benefits, it may be costly and time-consuming making many homeowners still prefer using their garages for their intended purpose. Hence, most people have refurbished their garages with insulated and automatic garage doors to allow easy pedestrian access. With these refurbishments, homeowners can use their garages as workshops, home office and as a utility room while still parking your car safely inside.

When it comes to utilizing your garage as you intend, you just need to make some renovations to ease your movement and increase your space. You can achieve this insulating the walls and the roof of your garage to make it more habitable and conducive to stay in. Also, you can decorate its walls and doors to make it more pleasant to work in as an office or a utility room.

Choose the right company



It’s important to hire a professional company whether you are doing full or part garage conversion. However, choosing the right company is hard because there are many companies offering the services.


You should get competitive quotes from different companies to be able to narrow down your choices. Then, take your time to check the company’s accreditation, testimonials and workers experience before hiring.


If you need more information about the company, you can check its website and social media accounts to see its location, their contact details and maybe comments from other homeowners.


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