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The secrets to deal with unfairness at work


The secrets to deal with unfairness at work


Do you feel cheated or unfairly treated at your workplace? Many are the times when life is not fair. Your job is supposed to be a place you find comfort and peace, but acts of discrimination can demotivate you. It is normal to get upset about unfair treatment but how you react to it, can cost you the job.

Most unjust situations at work can lead to stress and helplessness when a person does not have support to turn to. It may be your boss responsible for the act and lacking someone above them to help you solve the problem, can cause dissatisfaction with work. Knowing the right ways to deal with unfair treatment is crucial for the progress of your career. We will talk about why we feel angered by work injustice, the common type of unfairness and help you know how you can deal with them.

What is the psychology behind feelings of unfairness?

Types of unfairness at work

Being denied a promotion

Despite the fact that many people give their best efforts in a company, some are denied the opportunity for career advancement. Favoritism is evident in promoting others who may not be suited for the job, overlooking a person who has given their services for years. This can lower your morale and make you hold back since your efforts are not being recognized.

No bonus

You could be waiting for a massive bonus for a specific challenging assignment delegated to you. Some people carry such assignments home and spend sleepless nights working on them. The lack of your boss not rewarding you after completion can make you feel unfairly treated. You may start harboring feelings of resentment towards them as you feel cheated and unjustly treated.

Stealing credit

We all work hard to be recognized and awarded at the workplace. When a colleague takes credit for your work, it makes one feel undermined. The competition at work makes people do this all the time. It causes pain and anger and affects relationships at work.



A biased employer who treats people based on one’s tribe or race can discourage employees. You feel judged before you can lay out your case. This is a significant cause of people quitting jobs or getting fired when they don’t know how to raise their concerns in the right manner.

How should you deal with such types of unfairness?

Most people stick to their jobs for years. They dedicate their time, efforts or even finances to their work. Such passion makes one develop a sentimental attachment to what they do best. Anything that threatens their job such as unfair treatment can weigh down on an individual to the point of causing depression. Avoid such situations by using the following tips:

Avoid jumping to conclusions

You may be quick to jump to conclusions fast based on one experience. Unless the situation keeps on repeating itself, don’t conclude that your boss dislikes you and favors someone else. Get a second opinion from a close friend in the office. Confiding in them will help you understand if you misinterpreted the situation or if everybody has a similar view.


It is normal for you to feel emotional when you see a boss always favoring a particular person and treating you unjustly. Acknowledging what you feel prevents you from allowing stress overwhelm you.

Avoid languishing in self-pity

The problem with most of us is that in such situations, we look down upon ourselves. People with low esteem languish in self-pity as they feel that they are not good enough. Due to feeling helplessness, they can’t wait for the end of yet another frustrating day to take their feelings on alcohol. One may spend an entire night trying to focus while high on drugs to prove a point to their employer. Seek help from ME Recovery Village since these techniques are unhealthy modes to try and cope with your feelings.


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