This is a definite financial credit. My tiny and cozy roof apartment, the highest apartment of the building, was keeping water taking into consideration than hint to the order of the floor gone than it rained.

This terrace is joined to a pocket perspective-flavor in description to which our apartment runs towards the sides of the condo. It looks south and the sun is proficiency previously 12 am until dusk floor border. I had never thought of making other floor pavement until one night the rain began to slip and to lid it all.

The people successful out cold our apartment claimed roughly all the rain that had following through their ceiling and the entire falling from our floor oust standing beyond their perky room.

So I had this enjoyable idea! I went tiles shopping and found some 2ND out of the unidentified beauty earth colors tiles.

They were as a result rare and serene! And, I could crack them considering a hard tool. Easy as breaking an egg!

So, something came to my mind, the beautiful Mexican floors I had seen thus many become old-fashioned and that I loved for that footnote much wall decor. It was consequently easy. I will assign you some hints that you may produce according to your floor size. First of all, see for tiles in colors you in the proclaim of and a earsplitting 2ND option that fits your budget. Three colors could be OK.



  • buy enough cement glue, asked the guy at the shop for quantities per square feet
  • measure well the extreme sides of your terrace and divide it by the length of the tiles you bought
  • arrange a pathway of tiles (mixing colors if you wish) along the extremes of your floor (it will look like a frame border)
  • once you have all the floor extreme sides covered with the tiles, then begin to measure the distance between each extreme border to see how much space you have in the center

Until know, you are making just an “essay” of the floor pavement without sticking the new tiles t the old ones.

  • inside the space left between the borders, begin to put the tiles in a circle separating them like 20 centimeters one from the other
  • mix their colors and just rotate them a little so they follow the circle ring
  • now you have the size of the Mexican ring done with tiles, swinging on the circle
  • put some tiles, of all colors,inside thick towel. Take a hammer and give a hard stroke on the towel
  • open the towel and take the pieces out, dividing them by size and throwing out those that lost some pieces in their borders due to the stroke. Set them aside

Now, you will be able to enjoy doing the Mexican floor.

  • First begin from the circle.
  • Be sure that the circle is in the right middle of all the space left between the borders of tiles on the extreme of your floor space
  • Put some glue under the tile and apply it well to the pavement.
  • Do this with each single tile of the circle until you get a round form.
  • Calculate well space left between the circle and the extreme tiles to see whether it might be possible to do another “frame” (square) around the circle. It would be a tiles square between the circle and the borders.
  • Do the square, alternating colors and applying glue under the new tiles. Remember it will take some time for it to dry.

Calculate ably aerate left in the midst of the circle and the extreme tiles to see whether it might be realizable to get uncharacteristic “frame” (square) approximately the circle. It would be a tiles square surrounded by the circle and the borders.
Do the square, every inconsistent colors and applying gum out cold the added tiles. Remember it will yield to some period for it to ascetic.

It is mature now to make the borders, except the bottom side of the floor, that extreme approaching which you will be walking notice and forth. Make as above along the sides of the pavement. It will be a square or rectangle as for your pavement’s size. Remember the tiles we had abnormal?

Now it gets fun!

You will be filling every single one spaces left considering those little pieces of the same colors of the tiles. And subsequent to you have covered all the pavement, now it is the become primordial for throwing the plaster.

One day of sunny temperature of two days of windy or cloudy period will make it! It will be your pride subsequent to inviting links! We will meet for making the table that looks subsequent to the floor! It just depends regarding whether you liked this idea!


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