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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start an E-Commerce Business this 2018


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start an E-Commerce Business this 2018


EMERGE App is a complete suite that provides its users with an order management, an inventory management software and a very basic accounting system. EMERGE App is a cloud-based app catering traditional offline distribution and e-commerce distribution model. EMERGE App supports both large and small companies.

EMERGE App provides you with a platform to grow your business, by allowing you to deal with both traditional retail and e-commerce sales. It comes with exciting features that helps you manage your business operations from product inventory management, to different channel sales, to acquisition of stocks and a simple accounting system to keep track of income and expenditures.


Benefits of EMERGE App

If you run a multi-employee business that houses several employees, EMERGE App allows you to restrict access and control your privacy setting of different sections of the App.

With the EMERGE App, customer management is a lot easier as you would be able to have an holistic view of all customer details, including their payments status, previous interactions, quotations and purchase orders.

You can also manage product inventory using the EMERGE App, you can adjust the level of your inventory, track movement of inventory, transfer inventory from one warehouse to another, all these actions can be updated and tracked automatically.

You have access to all your product information from a single area in the EMERGE App, users are able to create and upload new product catalogues, group products according to their brands or categories, set price range for a product, develop a tiered pricing model, use different units of measurement for your products, view old purchase price and product purchase history. You can generate quotations which include items and their prices, taxes and discounts for your customers which upon confirmation can be converted to a sales order. These quotations and sales orders can be converted into a PDF document and sent to the customer via email from any location and at any time.

Your entire sales operation can be handled using the EMERGE App, from purchasing products, to sales and delivery, the EMERGE App allows you to be up-to0-date with every difficult sales and purchase transaction arrangement for different companies.

Being able to keep track of all your purchases (payables) and sales (receivables) is made a whole lot easier with the EMERGE App. The in-built accounting features allows you to create a debit or credit note, generate customer account information, track customer payments, generate supplier invoices, consolidate payments and also carry out automatic updates. There are a whole lot accounting task you can carry out using the emerge app.

The EMERGE app is ideal for drop shipping, drop shipping is an ecommerce model that allows companies sell products online without actually maintaining a physical inventory of the product. With the EMERGE app, you can make purchases, and fulfil orders easily. If your business runs a drop ship format you can use the EMERGE app to centralize all your orders and manage every aspect of your business from one point.



What challenges does the EMERGE App seek to solve?

  1. Helps to eliminate the problems associated with handling your inventory manually:Manual inventory are known to be messy, unproductive and error prone. In some cases could lead to loss of goods.
    In most organisations, all the physical product sales, distribution, retail and trading business are managed using manually written purchase order forms or on Microsoft excel sheets, which a bit unproductive and inefficient.
    With the EMERGE app, you need not worry about this inefficiency as the app takes control of your entire operations from purchase to delivery and with its cloud-based system, you can access the app from anywhere and anytime which makes it very suitable for ecommerce merchants.
  2. Helps to solve the challenges warehouse managers face in managing inventory:Most sales representatives have to monitor and carry physical stock check at regular intervals in their warehouse. Most times, the reps do not have an accurate idea of the quantity of goods available in the warehouse so they need to check regularly to confirm before attending to a customer’s sales order.
    With EMERGE app, users can make use of the Product module’s stock inventory which manages the inventory in the warehouse, so if a purchase order is made for one item, the system deducts one from the actual inventory count and this update is done automatically and in real time.
    Although, the physical inventory country isn’t deducted unless a delivery order has been issued. This step is taken to ensure sales reps do not get confused as to the actual inventory stock and the physical stock inventory in the warehouse.


EMERGE App Pricing:

EMERGE App pricing model is quite simple. You have to pay per users.

Below are a list of licensing available;

  • Yearly – $24/user/month
  • 6 months – $27/user/month
  • Quarterly – $$28.50/user/month
  • Monthly – $29.90/user/month


All plans have the same features which include:

  • Emailing support services
  • Capabilities for Multiple Warehouse
  • Compatible on both web and mobile
  • Can process an unlimited amount of Orders
  • Can accommodate an unlimited number of Customers and Suppliers
  • Access to an unlimited number of application system Upgrade
  • Upload an unlimited number of Product SKU
  • Product Batch Management feature
  • Performs routine daily Server Backup
  • Multi-Currency capabilities
  • Flexible User-Rights
  • Accounting Integration

When making a decision to purchase an inventory management software, it is essential you take into consideration all reviews, not just those from the developers but also from the end users, those who interact with the system on a daily basis. This is important as customer satisfaction cannot be ignored in any situation.

As a result the EMERGE App has a customer satisfaction algorithm that takes all customer reviews, comments and interactions across various social media platforms. This data is collated and presented in a simple form for users to understand, that way you are more informed about the product they intend to purchase.

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