Every day we are faced with the need to protect ourselves and our property in some way. Today, there is a huge number of various means of protection. However, in this article we would like to talk about things that are used to restrict access to the territory of a site or premises, namely security gates.

To date, there are different types of gates just like there is a great variety of portable dock plates that companies use in their warehouse premises. Gates can be divided into several varieties but in today’s article, we are going to focus on swinging, sliding and overhead gates.

The first type of gates, which are going to cover today is swinging gates. Swinging gates consist of wings, which are in turn fastened to the supports by means of hinges. It should be said that swinging gates are presented in great variety along with portable dock plates. For example, the material from which the gate wing can be made may be completely different ranging from wood to profiled sheet and sandwich panels. In addition, swinging gates can be completed with a wicket, if a customer wishes to. We should also mention the fact that in the case of swinging gates, you can get an electric drive, which will greatly simplify the operation of the gates by enabling you to open or close them at the push of a button. The sphere of application of this type of gates includes both private and industrial sector.

It should be said that swinging gates just like portable dock plates are universal and popular. However, swinging gates have a significant disadvantage, which manifests in the need for some extra room in front or behind the gates depending on which way the gates open. There is no such problem with overhead doors and so overhead door service in Toronto might be what you are looking for.

Now let us move to sliding gates. This is the type of gates on which there is a stable demand today. The fact is that their design allows you to get rid of the disadvantages of the previous gates, which we covered above. So, the wing of such gates moves along the guides and, when opened, it rolls back along the fence in one direction or another. Thus, a car or any other vehicle can park close to the gates in the case of some space limitations. Sliding gates can also be completed with an electric drive. As a rule, getting an electric drive for sliding gates is quite common in Canada.

Lastly, let us talk about overhead gates and overhead door service in Toronto. Overhead gates consists of sections (or panels), guides, on which they move. Overhead gates also come with an electric drive, thanks to which, power opening/closing is carried out. It should be said that an electric drive is quite popular as well for this type of gates. As for functionality, overhead gates are quite practical and have some neat design features and that is why many warehouse facilities make use of overhead door service Toronto. Due to the fact that the gate wing slides under the ceiling, there are significant savings of useful space.



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