What Can You Do with a Table Saw?

A table saw is an adaptable tool that’s simple to use and can conserve energy as well as time. The table saw is used in cutting timbers and making a crosscut. In this article, we will be expounding on the processes involved in fabricating some things with the table saw.

The Table Saw Can Rip Boards

The table saw can be used in ripping boards. That you can do by first setting the wood to be sawn after ensuring that you are using the right blade for the wood. Also, it is crucial that you allow the wood to dry completely before bringing it to the wood workshop for ripping.

When you bring the lumber to the table saw, set the rail to the height of the wood you intend cutting. Then you carefully set the wood against the rip fence to avoid kickback. You can now uncover the blade and start the machine.

Cutting a Butt Joint

The table saw is a versatile tool that can be used in making a butt joint. Firstly, you will have to make precise angled cuts with the wood log using the miter saw or any other appropriate one. You can after that add glue to the ends to provide long-lasting strength for the joint.

Using Table Saw To Make A Dovetail Joint

When making a dovetail joint, you use a jig to suspend the wood in a vertical position and set it back away from the table saw’s blade causing the exit port more extensive than the entrance. Then a gap across the table saw, made with a dado stack for height will create a side of the dovetail cut and take away a part of the unneeded one.

Then it sends the rest of the task through the blade, while rotating or stationary, the jig adjusts itself to the second position where the blade cuts at or close to that entrance groove. Nevertheless, the rear end would be reconfigured to make a low heat or bottom of the dovetail. It is this sides that will be on the flat on the transverse albeit with a thick exit, unlike the entry point.

Using a Table Saw to Cut Plywood

Firstly, to cut plywood using a table saw, you will need the appropriate blade. Obtaining a clean cut from your table saw entails buying a high-end blade with many teeth. Although an average blade will cut nicely, it might be rough.

Then, you lift the blade and this will re-direct the saw teeth in entering the board. When you raise the edge a little, in a manner that the teeth only rips off the surface, then it is doing so at an angle. You can then insert a zero-clearance to cover for the space between the throat plate and blade.

You then can support the whole sheet with if it is too big to be contained in the table saw’s surface. You can now make a good cut with the smooth surface facing the sky.

Final Words

There are diverse uses to which the table saw can be put. However, the particular thing to be done with the table saw depends on the user and the skills he posses in using this powerful tool. Ripping boards, cutting dovetails, cutting plywood among others are just some of the myriad of things that can be done with a table saw.


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