Cities are complicated and are comprised of dense structures in which a great number of people live and work together. The stride of urbanization internationally has enhanced over recent years, exerting pressure on the infrastructure, economic and social structures, along with on the environment.

The dense and controlled nature of cities essentially hinders mobility, physical expansion, the accessibility of resources and provisioning, inter connectivity and economic activities planning, urban planning and lastly the hygiene of the environment.

Dubai is also included in the regions that have been facing challenges posed by urbanization.

Tech transformation

Dubai started its technological journey in 1999 when it announced its first ICT strategy just after the launch of Dubai e-government, Dubai Smart Government, Dubai Internet City, and the Smart Dubai initiative (2014).

During the previous 20 years, different digital transformation initiatives in the city have acquired public acceptance and implementation of ICT in all features of life.

At present, Dubai, the city with a population of 2.5 million people exhibits one of the greatest percentage of ICT adoption across UAE, both by the government and public. The emergence of different web development companies and IoT related service providers are speeding up the technological growth of Dubai.

Dubai has pioneered an amazing quality of life and a supreme business environment in the Middle East.

Fast growing

The area’s population enhanced more than any other region across the globe later in 20th century. This has posed a number of challenges, including how we provide proper housing, healthcare, infrastructure, education, literacy, jobs, and accessible fresh water.

Conversely, these challenges also provided us with a considerable number of opportunities. Dubai has prospered in revolutionizing itself to fit into a global city and regional business and tourism center in the past 20 years.

Dubai has created a global reputation as an economic hub, plentiful of investment opportunities. Moreover, the region has attained this success by expanding its economy with considerable development in sectors including travel, logistics, tourism, real estate, retail, and finance. Dubai also entices accomplished talent from across the globe.

The base of this economic growth has been the region’s strong and productive government sector that has encompassed regulatory reforms along with technology and is eager to facilitate the superlative digitization of Dubai.

Happiness goal

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktou, the UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai, explicated technology’ contribution in Dubai’s growth as an enabler, instead of a principal goal.

A number of efforts, including giant Internet of Things (IoT) systems, blockchains, hyperloop projects, data analytics, innovative 3D printing, robotics, autonomous vehicles and drones, and AI apps, were all developed as a part of the Smart Dubai initiative.

Towards 2021

The objective is to be an effective smart city by capitalizing on the digital innovation in all the endeavors.

At present, there is a recently launched Dubai’s five-year strategy, entitled as Smart Dubai 2021.

In order to give the smart city transformation a higher notch, many efforts have been made. Since the government, businesses, and individuals connect with each other daily as they exchange their ideas, products, services, as well as experiences.

Every entity, then, is a consumer and a producer, and the main purpose here is to ensure happy city experiences. The aim is for Dubai residents to keep them happy in their daily routines.

Unique opportunity

The complete strategy, then, revolves around making a positive impact for the residents and visitors, environment, and financial resources. We believe we hold a unique opportunity to bind technology for the city’s revolution and drive this positive triple-bottom line.

The key purpose is to create:

  1. A smart, comfortable and robust digital city
  2. An internationally competitive economy supported by disruptive technologies.
  3. A clean environment with cutting-edge ICT Innovations.
  4. Connected, lean government.
  5. An organized society with easy to use social services.
  6. Smooth transport by independent and shared mobility solutions.

Smart and resilient

The world is becoming more and more connected with the passage of time. As an essential of Dubai’s strategy, the authorities intend to ensure all entities, from businesses to individuals, have fast internet connectivity by the year 2021. This will help them access the city services.

This is also important to ensure that people keep trusting the digital platform to access city services and conduct transactions. Thus, we will take different measures to protect personal, sensitive information. The internet revolution started by connecting people; now it’s possible to connect almost anything.


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