Prof Dr Mukund Sarda, Principal, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, New Law College, Pune says that the memorization technique of rote learning in the Indian education system needs to change. Questions about the education system keep arising every now and then in India, a country which strives to foster a love of learning among students, he states.

Stephen Leacock rightly summed up the current education system, “Parrots would pass the examination of our time better than men. It is the one who has a sharp memory that will make the highest score, though he may clear forget everything just the following morning.”

Our education system is quiet similar to the society we live in. We criticize and complain about it all the time but hardly make any efforts to rectify it. Though the government has initiated various schemes and policies to increase the number of schools, it fails to address the shortcoming in quality of education.

Prof Dr Mukund Sarda emphasizes that, along with expanding the reach of education, it becomes imperative to emphasize on its quality as well. Also, there arises a dire need to incorporate an entirely new approach, based on innovation and practical aspects of education. Recent studies have highlighted that majority of the schools in India are not yet compliant with the complete set of Right to Education (RTE) infrastructure indicators. They even lack the basic facilities.

According to Prof Dr Mukund Sarda, the major problem lies in the fact that the current system advocates rat race among the students. They end up cramming the whole course books without any actual comprehension of it. This common practice has downgraded the learning process into a system of interminable memorization. Students study just to score marks in exams. They should be encouraged to solve problems and engage in activities that help them think critically and form opinions.
The current education system is nowhere aligned with Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of it. “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man body, mind and spirit,” he once said.
In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Clearly, the problems in current education system are a clear indicator of its falling standard and credibility. They call for a dire need to liberate it from the tenets of menial and mechanistic learning.

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