Are thinking about going off-road driving? If you are then here are some advice and tools to help you. We know that driving can be very challenging but when it comes to off-road driving, it becomes more challenging. You cannot go for off-road driving without taking proper preparation. It is not like that one fine morning you feel like going for a long drive and start your journey. Off-road driving has a higher risk. So, the only way to have a safe off-road tour is to prepare yourself and your truck like a pro.

To have a safe off-road journey you must have some tools in your truck. Hence, don’t waste any time, know about these tools. I made this list by taking experience from expert off-road drivers.

So, let’s dig in.

Off-road Tires

You do not need to be a genius to find that you will need special kind of tire that can handle any extreme situation on the road. While off-road traveling there will be hilly track and there will be muddy roads as well. Normal vehicle engine and the tire will not able to handle these kind extreme roads.

If you are looking for rock crawling or another extreme hill tracking by your truck then this kind of tire is the only way for you. But what if you are looking for normal off-road driving? I will suggest you do the same as this. You must get used to this type of truck tire.

Fire Extinguisher

The second most important thing to carry with you is the fire extinguisher. In past off-road accidents has caused the forest fire. No one wants this kind of things to happen. So, the government has a rule that you must carry a fire extinguisher for off-road driving.

Hi-Lift Jack

This one item is a must-have for every off-road driver. Hi-lift jack has multi-purpose uses. Like, if the axle shaft broke then this thing can hold your truck wheel for you. It can make the repair on the field. You can use it to clear of the high center and get your truck out of a rug.

Lift Kits

You may think that you can do an off-road trip without a lift kit. But, believe me; you have to be an expert to pull it off in off-road driving without a lift kit. One of the best lift kits is winch. Many off-road driving clubs have rules that members must have the best vehicle winch. Otherwise, they cannot take part in the journey.

You may ask why this rule is. Getting stuck in an off-road travel is very common. If you do not have a winch in your truck it becomes very hard for the other trucks to pull you out of that place. It is very handy in rock crawling. It can help you overcome rough hill tracks.


 A Trail Kit

Trail kit is a kit with different kind of small tools that is necessary for any off-road driver. There many tools in a small bag that is a must for travels of any kinds. This normally contains small tools that are needed for off-roading including jumper cables, GPS, map and first aid kit. Also, there are going to be some tools that can become handy in repairing your car.

Recovery Straps

Getting in an accident in off-road is very common. Hence, most of the local clubs that are authorized to make off-road drive plan make the rule that every participant in off-road trip must have this on the truck. You can use it instead of the winch. There are two types of straps. Tow straps and recovery straps; do not mix them. A recovery strap is designed in a way that it cloud take more jerk and weight. As they are a bit of elastic, they make a great rope for polling.

Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are essential in this kind of journey. Your truck’s normal head light will not be the best choice for using after dusk. You can solve this problem by using a roof mounted LED light. And a couple of quality fog lights are also needed in your truck.


You need to have a radio to keep yourself communicated with fellow drivers. Though there is very little space for CB radio for toady’s driver and truck, yet it becomes very handy in off-road. Most of the modern trucks have FM on them. But in off-road old school, CB radio is more useful. And on an off-road trip, there are lots of places you will not get the signal for mobile sets. But the CB radio will work for you.


Professional preparation is required for going for any risky trips. You must prepare your car like a pro before you step for the tour. A single mistake can ruin your entire journey.


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