From Permanent Resident to Australian Citizen – Australian Citizenship Test

Many permanent residents spend their whole life or a major part of it in Australia as permanent residents only. But if you are living for many years in Australia, it is better to obtain Australian Citizenship in time which can be really beneficial for you and your children. The Australian Citizenship is granted only after passing the Australian citizenship test. Read on to understand about this test.

The Australian citizenship test was launched by the govt. of Australia in the year 2009. The questions for the tests have supported the motto, “Our Common Bond”. There are some sites out there online that are intended for the individuals to get ready for the test. One will observe many questions that are obtainable on the sites. Normally asked questions also are offered on these sites. You’ll take up these online mock tests and attend the web tutorials, which can assist you in obtaining the citizenship.

The test includes 20 questions, so as to qualify for the citizenship, the citizens ought to secure 75% in the test which means out of twenty questions fifteen questions ought to be answered correctly. This test is essential to assess whether or not the voters have the adequate information regarding the country and also to understand whether individuals have abasic English proficiency. Since English is the national language of Australia, English communication helps in taking part in the Australian society, playing a dynamic role within the community. Over 90% of Australian populations are citizens.

Rules of the citizenship test

  • The test duration is forty five minutes, no extra time is going to be provided.
  • It is a closed book test, no papers, study materials or books are allowed.
  • Personal belongings are allowed in the test, however, communication gadgets or mobile phones must be switched off before getting into the test location.

If the above rules aren’t followed, you must leave the test location and will appear for the test once more.

Why is Australian citizenship required?

Australia offers numerous rewards and advantages to its citizens. If you’re a citizen; it means you are an indispensable part of the Australian community. Australian citizens will take full advantage of education and also the employment opportunities that the country is providing. The citizens can apply for the duty at public service of Australia and Australian defence force. Citizens can stand for the elections and they can have the privilege of applying for the Australian passport freely. They’ll receive the assistance from Australian official, once they are on the overseas assignment.

Conditions under which citizenship can be revoked

The Australian citizenship will be revoked under the subsequent conditions:

  • If the person is found guilty of making the false illustration or statement.
  • If the person has committed a significant offence and has been captivated for over twelve months.
  • If the Australian citizenship is acquired with the help of a fraud.
  • If the person is no longer interested in being an Australian national.

Someone who is the citizen by birth cannot revoke the Australian citizenship.

If you are also an Australian permanent resident and want to be a citizen of Australia, you can contact immigration agent in Adelaide, SA to know how you can get the citizenship. Talk with the experienced consultants to have a better idea of the citizenship test and the application for it.


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