That brutal Sunday night at Las Vegas will haunt the human race for ages. Still, there is no clue as for why the maniac shooter started firing randomly on a crowd that was doing nothing but enjoying a musical concert. Stephen Paddock, the killer who is accused of killing over 50 people and leaving more than 500 people injured had probably committed the most heinous crime. While we all try to make sense of what just happened, there are some strings of information that allow us to weave the reasons for the open gunfire at Las Vegas.

In the series of information, the latest update states that Paddock was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication in June this year. As reported by the Las Vegas Journal, they have obtained information from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program which reflects that Paddock received a prescription of 50 10-milligram tablets of diazepam on June 21 by Dr. Steven Winkler of Henderson, Nev.

Paddock was advised to take one tablet per day and he filled the prescription the very day to procure his supplies of diazepam tablets at a Walgreens store in Reno, Nev.

Las Vegas Shooter

Diazepam commonly known as Valium is a medicine that is prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms or muscle spasms. It is a benzodiazepine and is listed as a prescribed drug in the United States.

This wasn’t the first time Paddock was prescribed a drug from Dr. Winkler. In 2016, he got a prescription from Dr. Winkler and immediately processed it. There are no known reasons as for why paddock was prescribed these drugs.

While most of the people are busy in connecting the dots between the prescription and the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there is the other end of the story that demands more attention. Little have we thought that whether the extreme of these medications or the mental illness itself, if not treated in a rehab, can lead to provoking someone to take such devastating steps?

There are reports that state that chronic use of diazepam may lead to destructive and aggressive behavior.

The chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center, Dr. Mel Pohl, says, “If somebody has an underlying aggression problem and you sedate them with that drug, they can become aggressive. It can dis inhibit an underlying emotional state. … It is much like what happens when you give alcohol to some people … they become aggressive instead of going to sleep.”

Another expert in the field, Dr. Michael First who is a clinical psychiatry professor at Columbia University says that excessive use of these drugs might initiate impulsive aggression. The expert suggests such patients to seek dual diagnosis treatment before they turn up more aggressive or insane.

Paddock was no doubt a monster, but what made him a monster is still to be ascertained. He was able to fetch a complete arsenal of several arms to the Mandalay Bay hotel and install cameras inside and outside his room. This clearly states that what he did was surely planned and must be a master plan of a sane mind.


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