Forgetting to claim the ticket is not something new. It is surprising that people forget to claim their winning prize even after purchasing the ticket. One can say that it is carelessness but it is destiny that makes its way. There are many lotto tickets as well as EuroMillions Jackpot tickets that have gone unclaimed. It is a nightmare for anyone who misses out on a million dollar winning a prize. It is an opportunity that only a lucky player gets. It is a life-changing event and you cannot miss out on this. Some of the most talked about unclaimed lottery tickets are listed below.

Missing out on 65-million pound EuroMillions jackpot

It was 2012 when a player won a whopping amount of £65 Million. It is known to be the biggest unrequested Jackpot in the history of Europe. Everyone was expecting the winner to come up and grab the winning cheque. It is unfortunate that the player never came up and let the prize go away from his or her hands. The authorities do their best to reach out to the winner. Announcements are done through all forms of media. The ticket was acquired from the Hertfordshire region. The officials have always had the doubt that he or she lived somewhere between Hitchin and Stevenage. There was special publicity campaign launched to find the winner. Unfortunately even that campaign could not draw the attention of the winner. Ultimately the player missed the 180 days mark and never came up. He or she could have been one of the most successful players in the UK but the prize was left unclaimed. National Lottery used the prize for funding good causes in the UK.

£2 Million staying unclaimed in Yorkshire

There were two winners from Yorkshire who could have won £1 Million each. The prize can change fortunes and people can turn dreams into reality with such staggering amounts. It is unbelievable that players don’t even realise that they are sitting on a winning ticket. Following the draws regularly and keeping a check on the winning numbers is of extreme importance. National Lottery continuously appealed to the players to come up and claim their prize. But unfortunately no one came up and the ticket stood unclaimed.

A whopping prize of £33 million staying unclaimed in Worcestershire

National Lottery took every possible step to make sure that the winner came up to claim the prize. All the attempts made by National Lottery failed and the prize stood unclaimed. It could have been a historic win as the win amount was whopping £33 million. It was the year 2016 and the player was from Worcester. It is still not clear whether this ticket was bought by an individual or a syndicate. National Lottery even sorted out a list of 100,000 people in order to make sure that the player could stay anonymous. But all the attempts failed and the staggering prize went to the National Lottery fund. The winner had enough time to re-check his numbers. There were special attempts made in order to raise awareness in the Worcester region. The player services team was kept on standby till the final day as they waited patiently for the winner to re-check his or her ticket. Every lottery enthusiast was desperate to reach out to each and every player. The player services team has expertise in guiding the players and raising awareness. It is surprising that even these attempts were of no use. Camelot also has the permission to give the prize to the players who write a letter if they have lost their tickets. For all the lost or stolen tickets the players get extra 30 days to write a letter and claim their prize.

£1million EuroMillions Ticket staying unclaimed in Somerset

It is really difficult to win a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker raffle Jackpot. The odds of winning this prize are 1,900,000:1. People who have luck written in their stars can expect to win this draw. It was 19th September, 2017 when a person from North Somerset won a staggering amount of £1million. He or she had 180 days to claim the prize but unfortunately no one came up to claim the amount.

Every player starts planning on what to do and what not to do when they win a Jackpot. It is amazing to see that there players in the history that have missed out on staggering prizes and never came up.


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