As a car owner, ensuring that the vehicle functions optimally is extremely important. And one aspect of it is to keep the car well-maintained. Doing so will not only help you in driving the vehicle smoothly without problems but will also guarantee that the car serves you well for a long period of time. Below, we look at ten tips that can help you maintain your car in good condition.

Change Oil Regularly

One of the most important things you should do is to change the oil regularly. Without oil, your car won’t function properly. When the oil should be changed is something that will depend on the vehicle. So, read the car’s instruction manual and find out the recommended schedule for changing the oil. As a rule of thumb, you must change the oil at least every 3000 to 3500 miles. This will keep the car running perfectly. So, check the oil in your car every week and replace it when it is time.

Watch Out For Check Engine Lights

The check engine light is an indicator in your car that will signal when the vehicle develops any problems with the engine. As such, it is necessary that you watch out for any flickering lights from the indicator. Finding the right shop for your vehicle is very important especially when your check engine light comes on. So, only approach a reputed mechanic and get the engine inspected. If you neglect the issue and keep riding your vehicle, there is a good chance that the engine might break down, requiring you to make costly replacements.

Clean Interiors

Always keep the interiors of the car clean. When the interior of the vehicle is dirty, then it can affect the proper functioning of certain components. For example, excess dirt can interfere with the CD player, causing it to stop working completely. In addition, people sitting inside the dirty interiors of the car may also feel agitated by the dust and other particles circulating in the vehicle. As such, having clean interiors will not only keep the internal component working in top condition but is also beneficial for your health. And when it comes time to sell it off, you can also net a higher price for the vehicle, thanks to the well-maintained interiors.

Tire Inflation

Ensure that the tires of the car have been inflated the right way. It should only be done exactly to the specified pressure as laid down by the manufacturer. Excess or less pressure on the tires can make driving a pretty cumbersome process. Chances of accidents are also pretty high in a car whose tires are not inflated as per the correct pressure. Plus, if you see any wear and tear on the tire, make sure to replace them with newer ones when the damage becomes too much.

Cooling Components

To keep the engine in your car from overheating, the cooling system inside the vehicle has to function properly. The system includes things like the thermostat, radiator, coolant, and water pump.  Be sure to check each of them on a regular basis. And give special attention to the radiator fluid. If you see that the fluid level is low, then top it up immediately.

Check The Emissions

Some places require that the emissions of the car are thoroughly checked on a regular basis. So, if such a rule exists in your area, make sure that you abide by this. Usually, emissions are checked by a professional who specializes in this. And if they find any problem with the emissions system in your car, make sure that you get it checked and resolved by your car mechanic.

Clean Air Filters

Car engines will have an air filter that is designed to keep out stuff like dirt, insects, leaves etc. from getting inside it. And over a period of time, these filter will have accumulated too much debris on them that the filter will essentially be blocked out. This will have a negative effect on the engine’s performance. As such, you should always check the engine’s air filter regularly. And if you find any blockages in the filter, remove it completely before you use the car.

Fuel Tank Empty

Never ever let your fuel tank reach too close to the ‘empty’ level. That is just a bad habit. When you use the car for too long, the fuel tank will have certain sediments at the bottom. So, if you keep letting the fuel tank reach close to the ‘empty’ level, these sediments can get into the engine and cause considerable damage to it. As a result, you may be forced to make some very expensive repairs. You can avoid all such troubles if you remember to recharge your fuel every time it reaches half capacity.

Constant Driving Speed

You must also ensure that you drive in a proper way to keep the car in top condition. Ideally, you should drive at a constant speed. If you have a habit of making random changes in speed when driving the vehicle, then the car is bound to develop same issues later on. So, avoid such driving habits and focus on driving the car at a constant speed. This will also help you get good mileage from the car. Plus, if you can avoid driving on roads that are full of potholes and in a terrible condition, then, by all means, do so.

Watch Out For Leaks

Do check the car for any leaks on a regular basis. And when you see any leak or a potential leak, make sure to plug it out completely. Remember to inspect the underside of the vehicle. Many people tend to forget this and only look for leaks on the ‘’visible’ part of the vehicle. So, every time you take your car out from the garage, check the ground to see if it is wet or something. This should give you an idea of whether the bottom section of your vehicle is leaking or not.

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