This is the era of gadgets and electronic devices. Technocrats have not invented and popularized these devices, but they have also helped a number of areas where these devices have created some positive impacts. In the field of technology, there are endless devices, but the devices that have brought changes to the life of a common man are a smartphone and smart TV. In the last decade, the mankind has seen a revolution in these technical devices. There are many reputed brands in the market which compete with each other for offering the best of products. While we might find most of the products same, a closer look will reveal the difference in quality and features, and that is what matters while buying any gadget. If you are a tech freak and planning to buy any of the latest gizmos, here’s a guide that can help in choosing the best item from the available options.


The Smartphone is a quintessential part of our lives, and with the launch of several applications, they have made our lives simpler. The market is loaded with many reputed brands that offer excellent Smartphone such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Xiaomi, Nokia, Vivo, Lenovo, OnePlus, Apple and the likes. With so many options one can literally get confused as to which is the best option for buying.

The decision depends on what you are looking for the most in a Smartphone as everyone has a different expectation from their phone. While some look for design, others look for features or durability. Some key points to look while buying a Smartphone are:

  • The storage capacity, both internal and external
  • The display and screen resolution
  • Camera quality and features
  • Battery power
  • Processor and RAM

Base on the personal choice, one can give preference to one aspect more than the others. The Killer Features is a site that can help in choosing the best option as they offer a detailed insight on which phone to buy from lower to high price range.

Smart TV

Gone are the days when people used to be satisfied with usual TV sets. This is the era of smart TV. The Smart TV can be connected with internet and are a fantastic blend of computers and flat screen television. These smart TVs also provide internet TV, online interactive media, and on-demand streaming media, along with home networking access. In smart TVs, the OS is either preloaded or is made available via a set-top box. One should check these features while planning to buy a smart TV. Few features might differ from company to company and based on the price range, so one should explore all the available options before choosing the best one.



Laptops have made it easier to access the internet and perform a lot of operations anywhere and anytime due to its wireless attribute. One can work on a laptop even while traveling. The laptops are very useful for corporate professionals and students who have to be on their system almost all the time. The market has some amazing options for laptops from the renowned brands. In fact, with the passage of time, all the top brands have started catering to the needs of all the segments. These days’ one can find a laptop with excellent features in lower, mid, and high-price range.

While buying a laptop, take note of following features:

  • Screen size
  • Storage capacity
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Battery backup


Television sets have become synonymous with LEDs as box TV and LCDs are past now. The LEDs are available in a huge variety to choose from. The LED TVs come in a wide range of screen size which allows people to buy their preferred choice.

While you can now buy life-size LEDs, the most common LED TV size are 29 inch, 32 inch and 40 inch. These three options suit the need of most people that have an averagely sized living or bedroom. The bigger LEDs are mostly preferred for business and commercial usage.

While choosing a LED for your house, keep following points in mind:

  • The screen size
  • Smart TV features
  • Display quality
  • Audio Output
  • Design

To explore the best options in the LED segment, one can visit as they offer insight on the best available products in each segment whether it’s the price variant, size or features.  Having a look at the site will help in choosing the best TV set.


Powerbanks are the need of the hour. In times when everything is accessible through our Smartphone, we use our phone extensively. Whether it’s accessing the mails or visiting web or surfing social media, the all day long use drains the battery, and the powerbank comes to our rescue. You can find many branded options for powerbank, but again you need to make a choice carefully.

When it comes to powerbanks, their battery support plays a pivotal role. One can choose from various options such as 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh, and 30000mAh to solar power banks. People who use laptops extensively can buy powerbanks for laptops as well.

Audio accessories

While using any gadget, we also need few accessories to enhance our multimedia experience. We often look for best headphones, wireless Bluetooth earphones, and wireless Bluetooth speakers along with wi-fi speakers, earphone with Mic, and portable speaker. One needs to invest in a good quality accessory so that they don’t have to compromise on their multimedia viewing and output experience.


If you are one of the avid photo enthusiasts and love to take pictures, the camera is one of the prized possessions for you. But while investing in an expensive camera do check for the specifications. While some people buy the camera for professional use, others buy them to pursue their hobby. Choose you DSLR accordingly. You can choose from entry-level DSLR to best DSLR, mirrorless camera to action camera, and waterproof camera to video cameras.


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