You may be aware of the powerful impact of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in marketing, but your superiors or boss may not. How do you convince them about this fact?

Here are some top ways to do this:

Emphasize on Benefit of Cumulative Growth

One of the most compelling benefits of SEO is that it offers potential for cumulative growth and this quality it shares with a broad world of in-bound marketing.

Most efforts of marketing, particularly outbound ones lead to temporary results. For instance, a PPC campaign creates quick results but once you stop investing in the PPC, the source of leads will be lost.

This does not happen with SEO. Rankings may drop over time, with entry of more competitors but the fact remains that once you garner a listing on front page for a given keyword, you can hold onto the position for some time, without needing more investment.

Apprise your seniors ofan example,that on spending $1 now, it will add 10 cents of value to monthly income. This means, after 1 year you will get a ROI of $1.2 and $3.6 after 3 years and so forth. Impress upon seniors the prospect of such cumulative growth with SEO.

Dismiss Myths Pertaining to SEO

Many businessmen approach SEO with some misconceptions. Get ready to address any myths like:

  • SEO is not unethical or spammy way of marketing. SEO strategies are more useful if you stick to guidelines provided by search engines.
  • SEO is a crucial part of marketing. It is vital that it is presented and treated in this fashion, whatever is the technical foundation to this discipline.
  • Good SEO strategies are not subject to the whims of search engines like Google and depend less on them, unlike commonly perceived.

Warn about Penalties

It is an irony that people pay more attention to a threat than an opportunity. Being ignorant about SEO can lead an e-commerce brand to stumble towards manual action. This happens by payment for links, creation of duplicate content, permission for hacking of site and that for dragging down of content quality by permitting user-generated changes.

Manual action happens usually in case of deliberate efforts to manipulate search results. But algorithmic filters can strike on sites, which were only ignorant of guidelines of search engines. Such cases are rare, but one must give warnings about dangers of paid links, duplicate content and other such issues.

Refer to Current Data of Organic Search

One simple way to grab the attention of senior executives in an e-commerce company is to indicate the quantum of money that search engines are making for the company. It is common that in the financial reports of a business, it will attribute complete income to current marketing efforts, view such mechanisms as a black box and concentrate on the ROI in terms of flow of dollars in and out.

You can unpack the marketing channels for their sake and prove how much income is emanating from search in which they may not be even investing anything. Thus you can throw light on authentic ROI from current efforts of marketing. It will be lower than the case of a black box approach. Thus you can use this opportunity to recommend more investment in organic search which is earning money even without any investment.

Calculate Search Performance of Competitor

No one wants to be beaten by competition. It may be really tough to estimate the value derived by competitor from traffic in organic search, but there may be ways to do this.

You can estimate traffic earned for a keyword, using a tool called SEMrush. One can evaluate also the financial value of the traffic. Above this, you can even indicate value of conspicuous efforts like keyword use and link building to prove that your competitors are making use of SEO knowledge for achieving such results. Doing competitive research of this kind makes it evident that SEO is a legitimate practice which provides concrete results. For proof one can use the help of search engine marketing company in India.

Thus, to prove the value of and make maximum use of your knowledge about SEO, you need to sell the concept to senior management. Use the above tips to grab their attention.


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