Preventing accidents with scissor lifts depend on an overall workplace mindset focused on safety, as well as a few key factor for keeping hydraulic scissor lifting table stable, properly maintained, and not hazardous to employees.

Types of Scissor Lifting

  1. Hydraulic Scissor lift
  2. Hydraulic Goods Lift
  3. Hydraulic Boom Lift
  4. Self-driving Boom lift
  5. Telescoping Boom

How to use scissor lifts safely

Fall Protection

Scissor lift driver must be trained to ensure scissor lifts have a guardrail system is in place prior to work, that workers only stand on the platform, and that work is within easy reach from the lift.

Guardrail Systems

Guardrails must always be in good working condition, free of malfunctioned or weak parts.


Positioning involves traffic control measures, ground guides, and maintaining distance from electrical power sources to position the scissor lift away from hazards and prevent accidents, like crushing and electrocution. Fixed objects and moving vehicles near the lift should always be closely monitored.


Scissor lifts must be stable to prevent tip-overs, collapses, and falls. Workers must keep the lift away from traffic; ensure the proper weight capacity; choose firm, stable work surfaces away from level ground, and operate only in good weather.


Brakes must be set to keep the scissor lift stable when in use.

Controls and Components

All controls and instruments must be checked and tested before each work shift.

Receive Training and Evaluation

All scissor lift operators must receive training to operate scissor lifts safely. Practical evaluations complete OSHA requirement for scissor lift training.

Full-fill Training Topic Requirements

Training must include: manufacturer’s instructions; handling materials; weight limits and capacities, working on or around hazards; recognizing equipment repairs and maintenance needs, and preventing accidents.


Vipul Patel is founder of BOB Engineering Co., an ISO certified material handling equipment manufacturer and suppliers in India, Gujarat.


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