In this article, we are going to give you some tips on buying a used car.
Exterior car inspection

The body of a car should be inspected carefully in order to understand whether the car was ever involved in a car accident. To do this, you can first examine the geometry of the body while looking for small dents. For example, if there was a hit to the front of the car, then there could be a hollow between the headlights, the bumper and the hood. Headlamps can also differ from each other, which indicates that one of them has been replaced. If the car had a side hit, the doors will close in a different manner and maybe with some difficulty. So you should go ahead and check each door. Take a few steps away from the car and see if there are any differences in color between various body parts. If you are looking for smaller used vehicles, you can find ford fusion on Kijiji, which is a quite affordable car with some good technology onboard.

Interior inspection and electronics check

If the car’s interior is well-groomed and smells nice, then we can say that the owner’s attitude to the car was good whereas a dirty interior with an unpleasant smell, often speaks of careless treatment of a car. With a car having a leather interior, it is necessary to check the condition of the leather and see if there are cracks or rips.
Electronics wise, you should definitely check all the buttons to make sure they work properly. For example, you may want to raise and lower the windows or check how the air conditioner works.

Engine and transmission check

First of all, as you open the hood, check the oil level. If the level is at a minimum, then perhaps the car has an increased oil consumption, which is different from that specified by the manufacturer. You should also check if there are any oil leaks. After such a basic inspection, you want to proceed to inspecting the way the engine is running. An engine operating in an unstable way can point out to various sorts of issues, which can be quite pricey to fix. With the engine warmed up, you need to also press the gas pedal a few times and see if the smoke is blue or black.

The transmission is to be inspected both when you drive the car and when it is standing still. If a vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission just like a cadillac escalade is, make sure you do not feel any jolts when switching from “parking” to “drive” modes. When test-driving the vehicle, there should not be any big kicks when changing gears either. If a car should have a manual gearbox, you may want to check the clutch and the precision of the gear switching. Also, when driving, try to analyze how the suspension works: if there are some sounds coming from it, you should either look for another car or do a pre-purchase inspection.


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