Eid is a very important day in the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of the month of Ramadan. It is a very significant month of fasting and prayers where the Muslims reconnect with Allah. This is the day celebrated to break the fast at the end of Ramadan. The exact day of Eid relies on the lunar cycle and hence it varies from year to year. In 2018, the day is likely to fall in the last two days of June. The Islam calendar is based on the lunar cycle and therefore the day varies with seasons and it will be announced when a new moon is sighted.

The day is one of the most awaited events among the Muslims. This day is a blessing from Allah. The celebrations have been in existence since the days of prophet PBUH and hence Allah bestowed it as a blessing to the Muslim community. The occasion is one of joy and happiness given by the Almighty Allah to the Muslims from all corners of the globe. The holiday involves a range of celebrations as family, friends and the entire community comes together to reconnect and celebrate as a loving family of Allah. The days of the two Eids are days of bringing together our hearts and restoring the relationship with friends and family. These days are signaled with some acts of praise to Allah, special practices and traditions. One way to celebrate this occasion is by sending Eid Wishes 2018 to your loved ones.

Muslims should observe the days of Eid by:

We should worship in the night of Eids

Prophet Muhammad said that blessings of eternal life are bestowed to those who spend their days of Eid worshipping Allah. We should spend the days of Eid worshipping and following the teachings of Allah. As a result, our hearts will not die when all the hearts will be perishing.  Eid is characterized by three acts of worship. The Zakat ul-Fitr, Takbeer and Eid prayer. Giving to the less fortunate in the society is also an act of worship. Zakat ul-Fitr is an act of feeding the poor so that they have enough food on the days of Eid.

Wake up early and attend the Eid prayer

Imams from all corners of the world hold special prayers in the morning of Eid. In most cases, they hold prayers in the central big mosques. In most of the regions, all Muslims attend the prayers apart from those who are left preparing for the big parties at homes. Wake up and attend the prayers before you go on with your daily activities.

In the Eid morning, wake up early and wish whatever you want from Allah

”Servants of Allah who get cleansed through fasting and prayers can wish whatever they want from Allah”. These are the words of Mohammad. The holy book says that on the morning of Eid when the Muslims congregate for prayers, Allah asks his Angels to propose the reward of a servant who completes his duties. Allah said that it is only through blessings that he can reward his loyal servants who fast and pray on Ramadan.

Have gatherings and rejoice on the day of Eid

This is a very special day when Allah rewards his servants with joy and happiness. Those who are loyal to him are rewarded with feats as gifts from Allah. On the day of Ramadan, the Angels stand on the ways and say, ”O Muslim community! Please move towards your generous Lord who will bestow generosity on you. Allah has ordered you to pray at night, fast in the daytime and obey him so that you can get your rewards”. The Lord has forgiven us and ordered us to return to our homes since we have already found the right paths. Eid is the reward day, celebrate, party and merry for you are blessed.

Have outings on the day of Eid

The day of Eid is a day when we are all supposed to have time with our families and friends. Muslims all over the world go out on the day of Eid and enjoy the company of their friends and family. Visit children homes, orphanage and hospitals, prisons and have some time with the less fortunate in the society. Spare enough time to take your children and old parents to the best hotels, parks, and beaches to enjoy themselves and unwind from the day to day activities of the year.

Give to the Poor

Every Muslim is obliged to share what they have with the poor. The day of Eid is the occasion of showing love to the poor and share with them what you have including clothes and foods. Spend your days with them in the streets or even welcome them to your home to celebrate together. Observe the Zakat al-Fitr which is the duty of all the Muslims to share with the less fortunate in the community.


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