When you want to buy a puppy, it is essential to know about the breed as well as the breeder. Anyone can raise a bunch of puppies and sell them. But only a responsible and reputable breeder will provide the best quality breeds and care. So it is good for you to find and choose a reputable breeder if you want to add a healthy new member to your family. It is hard to find and choose the right breeder. Some qualities of a reputable breeder are given below so that it becomes easier for you to choose a breeder.

  1. He ensures proper breeding facilities: A reputable breeder takes care of all his breeds. He provides total affection and care to all the puppies and their parents. He gives them nutritious food and fresh water. He provides them sufficient shelter including buying indestructible dog beds for large dogs. He keeps the breeds in a clean, spacious are. He reaches the needs of the breeds. He gives the sporty breeds space for playing and exercising. He supplies the puppies with toys and other accessories. He vaccinates them regularly to keep the breeds immune. He looks after every single pooch and arranges the best treatment for any health issue. He teaches them exercises and also guides them. He instructs them on socialization.
  2. He might belong to a well known breed club: A responsible breeder does breeding for his love for puppies. Reputable breeders mostly join local or national breed club and abide by the rules and ethics.
  3. He breeds only one or two breeds: Never take some who owns four or more breeds of dogs for a responsible breeder. A reputable breeder knows the general history of the breeds, inherited health problem whereabouts and which environment the puppy will best fit in. It is hard for someone to know all these about a lot of breeds. So a responsible owner only owns one or two breeds to nurture them properly. He also gets the litter registered at American Kennel Club. A good breeder will also show you the registration certificates on his own, or you can ask for it.

He gives you all information about the breed. If it has any family history of any serious disease, he warns you about it.

  1. The behavior of the dogs will be clean: A reputable breeder specializes in the dogs’ behavior and socializes them. When you see the dogs, they should behave lively and clean. They won’t be shy in front of new people. Also, check the breeder’s behavior towards the dogs. He should seem affectionate. All these signs indicate that the breeder takes great care of the dogs.
  2. A good breeder will ask you a lot of questions: A caring breeder is concerned about his breeds. He doesn’t breed dogs out of greed. He ensures that the buyer is suitable for his puppies. To make that sure, he will ask you a lot of questions.

He will ask you
– why you want a puppy,

– if you have previous experience with puppies,

– if you have enough time to spend on it,

– if you can afford the costs of upbringing,

– about your residence or might even ask for documents to make sure that the puppy gets appropriate shelter,

– if you can take daily care of the puppy the way he did if there are other people in your household to look after it,

– about your perspective of owning a puppy,

– If you know any veterinarian. If you don’t, he will give reference to one.

  1. He will answer your questions too: He knows how hard it is to find a good breeder. So he will understand your situation and answer your questions. Ask him how long he has been a breeder, how he takes care of the puppies and their parents, where the puppies were raised up if the puppy has a health issue, how frequently it needs to be taken to a veterinarian. Also, ask for documents of AKC registration (if he mentions that he is a registered breeder). A responsible breeder will answer all your questions and show necessary documents to you.
  • A reputable breeder also

– Tells you which puppy will be good. If you choose one with health issues, he will tell you that.

– ensures you that he will take the puppy back if it doesn’t work out.

– provides written contract and health guarantee.

– takes you to meet the puppy’s parents so that you get an idea how the puppy is going to be like when it grows up.

– gives you time to decide whether you are going to buy a puppy from him or not.

– doesn’t mind you going to look for other breeders.

– provides you guidance on looking after the puppies.

There are more signs of a reputable breeder. But the above mentioned are more than enough. If you meet a breeder who meets all these criteria, you can take him to a good breeder and buy puppies from him. A good breeder doesn’t breed for money; they do it for their love for those animals. However, always trust your instincts and search for references to choose a breeder. I hope this article is going to help you choose a reputable breeder. Best of luck to you!

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