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Do’s and Don’ts’ of traveling to Thailand


Do’s and Don’ts’ of traveling to Thailand


Thailand is one of the preferred Asian countries for travel in the world. Thailand offers a lot of attractions at such cheap prices. Right from the accommodation, where there are options for Thailand homes for rent to the yummy yet inexpensive food and budget-friendly travel costs, there are several more reasons why you should visit Thailand. There are some of the do’s and don’ts’ that you need to keep in mind while visiting Thailand. They are listed below:

Do’s in Thailand

These are the list of Do’s in Thailand.

  • Dress modestly in certain places

Make sure to wear decent clothes while you pay a visit to the temples (wat) and shrines of Thailand. Most of the places would require you to remove your slippers before you enter. So, it is better to not wear shoes with socks that would require you to keep removing your socks often. Never wear sleeveless and micro miniskirts. It is advised to wear sleeved and full pants.

  • Show respect in Thailand

Thais are the people who are very friendly and at the same time, they demand respect. Greet anyone with a smile and do not pick an unnecessary quarrel with them.

  • Respect the nationalism of the country

The Thai hymn is played at morning 8 and at evening 6 at Thailand. The people of Thailand stand up and show the respect for their national song. Though it is not mandated for the tourists to do so, it would be a nice gesture if you could stand up for the national anthem.

  • Eat the street food and go local in Thailand

The cuisine of Thailand is one of the best in the world. It is highly influenced by the cuisines of other countries of the world like India, China etc., It is a delight to see the food being prepared in front of your eyes using the ingredients as you wish. Try to shop and eat locally as much as you can rather than preferring the high-end hotels of Thailand, as this is one of the best things to do in phuket. Those private players are here in Thailand for their personal gain. You can do your part to this beautiful country by purchasing from the locals.

  • Experience Diving

Thailand is one of those countries that offer the cheapest diving experiences. You cannot find diving being offered at such fewer rates as you find in Thailand. So, set aside your fear of water and jump into those waters.

  • Use Wai often

Wai pronounced as why is the most frequently used word for greeting. Make sure to use Wai while you are asking for help from the locals.

  • Respect the culture of Buddhism and monks

Monks are respected in Thailand. It is advised not to touch those monks. The women are required to maintain distance from them.

  • Check for authentic information

Never fully rely on the information provided by the drivers in Thailand. It is advised to cross-check for genuine information.

Don’ts’ in Thailand

These are the list of Don’ts’ in Thailand

  • Never speak ill of the royal family

The people of Thailand revere and respect their king. They do not like it when they hear people speaking ill of their government. This might land you up in jail also.

  • Don’t involve in gambling activities

Do not involve yourself in any sort of gambling activities in Thailand. Gambling is against the law in Thailand and might cost you a heavy penalty if caught.

  • Never buy Buddha images from shops

It is not allowed to carry the images of Buddha out of the country without special permission. The shopkeepers try to convince and sell it to you. Don’t buy them and waste bucks.

  • Too much of westernization not accepted

Public Display of affection like kissing, cuddling is not accepted in Thailand. Certain western attics are not widely encouraged in Thailand. Nudity in beaches is not welcome.

  • Don’t drink and drive

Thailand is one of those countries where the problem of drink and drive is too rampant. It is also one of those countries where a large number of drunk and drive accidents are reported. So, it is advised not to drink and drive in Thailand.

  • Never get offended by the personal questions

Thais have a habit of asking some personal questions about age, nationality, salary etc., This is not common in other parts of the world. So, don’t get offended by these questions.

  • Never expect everyone to speak English

It is very unfair to expect every Thai to speak English. Learn some basics of the local language.

  • Don’t accept goodies from unknown

If anyone hands over a bag or any luggage to you, politely refuse them. Those bags might contain some illegal items like drugs which are offensive in Thailand.

  • Don’t touch anyone’s head in Thailand

The Thais consider their head to be a predominant portion of their body and they do not like it when someone keeps rubbing their head or caressing their hair.

  • Never keep your feet up

This is one of those etiquettes that you need to follow while you are in Thailand. It is required to keep your legs folded and not pointing towards anyone at Thailand.

  • Never drink tap water

Like the western countries, it is not advised to drink the water straight from the tap. There are a lot of chances of falling sick.

While visiting a country, it is advised to follow the rules and not break them. This is how you show respect towards that country. Enjoy at Thailand to your fullest by keeping these dos’ and don’ts’ in mind. ratecompares

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