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Guilt-Free Timeshare Rental with Resort Vacations International


Guilt-Free Timeshare Rental with Resort Vacations International


My husband and I bought our Aruba timeshare back in 2006 with the hopes of visiting the island once every few months. Well, as is often the case, life intervened and we didn’t get to the island as often as we hoped. Worse than not enjoying a tropical get-away every few months was the fact that we were losing money. Then some friends of ours introduced us to Resort Vacations International. This service allowed us to make money on our timeshare without giving up our property.


About Resort Vacations International

When we bought our timeshare, we didn’t realize that we could make money during the times we weren’t able to utilize the space. That is until we learned about Resort Vacations International. This service works with vacation property owners who only use their property once in a while, or never, like us. The process of listing our timeshare was surprisingly very easy and didn’t take much time at all. All we were required to do was to go online, fill out an inquiry form, and wait for a customer rep to call us back. The service rep got in touch with us within a few hours and asked us a series of questions to find out if our property qualified.


The best part about the whole process was that after we signed our agreement with Resort VacationsNow.com, we got an offer on the property in less than two months.


Guilt-Free Timeshare Rental

The truth is that we felt extremely guilty for putting money into a vacation property and never using it. It felt like a waste of our hard-earned money. Once we listed with Resort Vacations International, the guilt went away and we were earning our money back. It was also nice knowing that other people were able to enjoy our beautiful property in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

aruba timeshare rental

Our Aruba Timeshare Rental!


Our experience with Resort Vacations International has been such a rewarding experience that we’re considering investing in another international timeshare as well as a domestic timeshare in our home state of Colorado. Now that we know there are services available to help us rent out our properties for short periods of time and make money on these transactions, we look at timeshare ownership in a whole new way.


If you’re looking for a company with a great reputation and stellar customer service, get in touch with Resort Vacations International. The team at this business worked with us to come up with a strategy to garner the most attention for our property. They made us feel comfortable and took the time to answer all our questions.


Another aspect of the rental process we loved was that we got to be in charge of who was chosen to rent the property. Although Resort Vacations International took care of the initial listing, all interested renters were forward to us. We had direct contact with the people staying in our timeshare and this made us feel in control.


We can’t say enough about our great experience with Resort Vacations International!

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