Everyone wants a tidier home. However, not everyone knows how to achieve that tidy home without spending hours cleaning from top to bottom. Luckily, you can get a tidy home without taking up too much of your day with just a few daily cleaning habits. In this article, we will discuss twelve easy cleaning habits that you can do each day to help you get a cleaner and neater home

1. Put the Clothes Away

As tempting as it is to just throw the dirty clothes in the floor or the clean clothes on the chair, it will take you less time to tackle the laundry each day than it would to do it once every week. As soon as you take the clothes from the dryer, fold them and put them away. When you take off clothes, put them in the laundry to be washed.


2. A Load Every Day

Speaking of laundry, you shouldn’t save your laundry for a single day each week. That ends up causing more work for you, especially if you have a huge family. Try washing a single load of laundry every day to keep a head start on the dirty clothes and remember to fold them and put them away as soon as they are clean.


3. Make Up the Bed

Even if you think it is a waste of time, making the bed can make your room look neat and tidy. It really only takes a few minutes each day, and you can make it easier by eliminating the number of things you have to make up on your bed like top sheets or throw pillows.


4. Set Your Priorities

For many people, this can be a difficult step in the daily cleaning, but it crucial to getting stuff done. Consider the time that you have available every day, then write down your top 3 items that you know need to be done that day. It helps you focus on the task at hand instead of focusing on everything at once.


5. Nightly Clean Ups

If you only have a few minutes to spare each night, a 15 minute quick pick up is a great way to keep things straightened and tidy. Your kids can clean up their rooms while you tackle the other rooms in the house. It doesn’t take long to straighten up and make your home look really tidy.

daily cleaning habits for tidy home

6. Involve Everyone


It might take less time for you to do everything yourself, but getting your family involved is a great way to teach them to keep things tidy as well. Give everyone a specific thing to do, and the house will look tidier in no time.


7. Close Cleaning Supplies

When you are doing your quick daily cleaning, you should keep your cleaning supplies as close as you possibly can. This will help you clean faster and more efficient.



8. Full Hands

As you pick up and tidy up, you should never leave a room with empty hands. When you move from one room to the next, take a peek around the room to see if there is anything you can take to the next room. You can clean faster and get more accomplished as you move about your house.


9. Avoid Clutter

Sometimes, you need to avoid clutter by cutting down the things that need to be cleaned in your home. This can mean anything from too much furniture to too many Knick knacks on the shelves.


10. High Traffic Spots

These are the areas that most people see and use on a regular basis. These areas should be cleaned often since they are the areas most likely to get dirty faster. Put your focus on the high traffic areas in your home to keep it looking tidy.


11. Clean While You Move

If you clean as you go, you will be able to tidy up your home in a quicker time. This means when you take off your jacket, grab a hanger and put it away. When you get home with the groceries, put them away immediately. When you check the mail, file it in organizers right when you come inside to keep things looking tidy.


12. Be Satisfied

Sometimes, you need to be happy with just “clean enough”. Not everything has to be perfect in the end. One of the best rules of thumb is the 80/20 rule. Be happy with 80-percent of your cleaning being finish, and just forget about the other 20-percent.


On your way to a cleaner home

If you are looking to get a tidier home, it is easy to get into the habit of doing a few small tasks more often and also looking into home cleaning services. In fact, with some of the daily cleaning habits mentioned above, you can create easy cleaning habits that will have your home looking and feeling cleaner in no time. It really is as simple as a few easy steps each day, and you don’t have to spend hours to get that beautiful home you want.


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