The saying, “Men are from Mars and women from Venus” is apt with themost men-women relationship. There is hardly any couple relationship that is free from ups and downs. The ride is never a smooth one. Both the partners have their share in making it sweeter or bitter. The choice is up to you! However, have you, as a woman, ever wondered why only me? Trust me; every second woman feels this way. Can you do anything about it? You can! If you are fed up with the frequent cold wars in your relationship, it is time you look back and check if you are making five common mistakes. This blog gives you an overview of those mistakes together with the ill-effects that are piling up to be the wall between the two of you.

Do not make your Partner the only Priority in your Life

Women pay intemperateattention to their men. They forget about their social life and other equally important relationships such as friends and family. Spend time with your children, parents, in-laws, and friends. Go outing with someone else other than with your husband or boyfriend. You are born to lead your life just like men.

Effect on your relationship: If you have been doing this, your partner will take you for granted. Eventually, your partner stops paying attention to the relationship. This is due to the human tendency of feeling trapped when someone pays more than required attention.

Do not Forgive every time

An important characteristic that everyone must have, in a relationship is forgiveness. It contributes to the health of any relationship. No one is perfect and to bring out the best in your partner, you need to be forgiving. Is it healthy if you forgive every time he repeats the mistake? Avoiding the mistake of forgiving every time can help your relationship from falling apart.

Effect on your relationship: Your husband or boyfriend will stop respecting your feelings. He won’t think twice before committing the mistake once again. You gave him the audacity.

Do not Ignore your Health

Health is wealth. If you fall sick or become inactive, your family suffers as you are the pillar of a family. More than that, you also need the fitness and health for boosting your self-confidence and personality. Buying a critical illness policy is one of the best decisions; however, that should not be an excuse for not sweating at the gym and balancing your mind and body at the meditation and yogacentres. Men are serious about their fitness level. They like to stay young forever with the help of workout. You need to feel confident and young as well.

Effect on your relationship: Men start complaining about your body weight and body shape. You will not like listening to those words.

Do not depend on your Partner Completely

As soon as we get into a committed relationship or tie the wedding knot, we start depending on our partner. Partially, our society is responsible too. It is our society that has been preaching that women are inferior and need to depend on men for every small need. Total dependence on your men will only make you feel inferior and worthless. On the other hand, your man will take pride in supporting you financially too.

Effect on your relationship: A relationship stands strong when you have love, respect, and equality. With your dependence on your man, you will bestow him the power of being the dictator and you his subject.

Do not lose your Dignity

If you are thinking of a healthy relationship by sacrificing your dignity, you are on the wrong track. Dignity is the basis of every relationship. It makes a relationship stronger and respectful. Without it, you are two strangers on a boat that has no direction. Do you want such life with your partner?

Effect on your relationship: You are hurt. Your husband stops showing any respect in the relationship. Gradually, the relationship undergoes several changes that can affect the two partners in the long run.

Stop Making the Mistakes

It is not always a man who is responsible for breakups and divorces. Women also play anequal part. Do you relate to all the mistakes or even one? If yes, it is time you change your ways. Correct your mistakes, mend your ways and feel the air of change flowing towards you.

Every relationship should have space for the two partners to share love, respect, and every important piece of information. You should be comfortable and not scared to share your secret, fear, health status etc. to your male partner. You should think in unison about health insurance like cancer insurance, critical health policy, child development plans, investment plans etc. The day you feel it is pointless sharing the information, you are messing up with your relationship.

Summing it up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quote, “In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits”.



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