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51 Quotes About Life That Can Finally Open Your Eyes


51 Quotes About Life That Can Finally Open Your Eyes


Would you like to get to know other perspectives on life? I’ve collected 51 quotes and quotes about life for you that can finally open your eyes. For nothing is simpler and more difficult than life. And yet: I personally think life is a gift … There’s a good blog that has more info on life is short quotes, but for that it’s better to view publisher site.

Quotes live by themselves and can inspire you in your life

In a sense, quotes are living spiritual organisms, complex and unpredictable in their effect. That is why it is so hard to categorize them meaningfully. Like life, they often escape the clear fixability.

Nevertheless, I had only tried to divide the quotes about life into smaller topic groups. But then I had the feeling that it would be better to present them to you as a disordered, but strict selection list, as a list in which you can browse and hopefully find.

Well, then times freshly cheered to life:

1. “Life should live, but do not discuss it all the time.” (Isabelle Adjani)

2. “Do not go past the past, do not lose yourself in the future, the past is gone, the future has not come yet, life is here and now.” (Buddha)

3. “Whoever comes too late punishes life.” (Mikhail Gorbachev)

4. “Life is enchanting, you just have to see it through the right glasses.” (Alexandre Dumas the Elder)

5. “Whoever has no goal in life can at least disturb the progress of the others.” (Benjamin Franklin)

6. “Cut your life out of the wood that you have.” (Leo Tolstoy)

7. “We all get only one of our kruce energies with which we have to keep.” (Thomas Hardy)

8. “You can not live the way of life by chance, as long as you live, you have to learn how to live.” (Seneca the Younger)

9. “Change and change loves who lives.” (Richard Wagner)

10. “Lightness is a life-belt for the stream of life.” (Ludwig Borne)

11. “The gates to which life is afflicted, still want to live out of fear of Hades.” (Demokrit)

12. “I feel that little things make up the sum of life.” (Charles Dickens)

13. “Life is only a moment, death is also only one.” (Friedrich Schiller)

14. “Do not forget: you need little to live a happy life.” (Markaurel)

15. “Most people live their lives as they live, because most people live that way.” (Matthias Pleye)

16. “The art of living is to reconcile one’s own nature with one’s own work.” (Luis de Leon)

17. “Yes, this is one of the mysteries of life: the soul can heal through the senses, and the senses through the soul.” (Oscar Wilde)

18. “Life is sleep, whose dream is love.” You will have lived if you have loved. ” (Alfred de Musset)

19. “You shall never cease to live before you die, which happens to many and is an annoying thing.” (Jacques Offenbach)

20. “No literature can surpass the real life in terms of cynicism.” (Anton Chekhov)

21. “Never separate yourself from your illusions and dreams, and when they are gone, you will continue to exist, but have ceased to live.” (Mark Twain)

22. “The life-work teaches us to value only goods.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

23. “Life is a journey that leads home.” (Herman Melville)

24. “Life is like a play: first you play the leading role, then a secondary role, then the other one is souffliert, and finally one sees, as the curtain falls.” (Winston Churchill)

25. “There is something worse in life than to have no success: this is to have done nothing.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

26. “To whom it is to be believed, honest friend, I can tell you, believe in life: it teaches better than orator and book.” (Wilhelm Busch)

27. “Heaven has given man three things as a counterbalance to the many troubles of life: hope, sleep, and laughter.” (Immanuel Kant)

28. “All life is movement, movement is life.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

29. “To live is to fight.” (Seneca the Younger)

30. “Our life is what our thinking is about.” (Markaurel)

31. “Only the one who lives alive is alive.” (Menander)

32. “All life should be repentance.” (Martin Luther)

33. “In life it is better to want what one does not have than to have what one does not want.” (Jonathan Swift)

34. “Life is the search of nothingness for something.” (Christian Morgenstern)

35. “This, I believe, is the fundamental rule of all being: ‘Life is not at all like that.'” (Kurt Tucholsky)

36. “A life without festivals is a long journey without rest.” (Demokrit)

37. “The door follows the pleasures of life, and feels deceived, and the sage avoids evil.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

38. “Habit is the great guide of life, and therefore we shall endeavor in every way to inoculate good habits.” (Francis Bacon)

39. “Foolishness accompanies us in every period of life, and when one appears wise, it is because of his foolishness that his age and fortune are appropriate.” (François de La Rochefoucauld)

40. “Life in the here and now is narrow and short.” (Matthias Pleye)

41. “Art is long, life short, time fleeting, experiment deceiving and judging difficult.” (Hippocrates)

42. “Love is the spice of life, it can sweeten it, but also salt it.” (Confucius)

43. “A profession is the backbone of life.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

44. “During the first period of human life, the main danger is not to take any risk.” (Sören Kierkegaard)

45. “Life is an effort worthy of a better cause.” (Karl Kraus)

46. “Life is either mastered either smiling or not at all.” (Chinese proverb)

47. “Everyone wants to live long, but nobody wants to grow old.” (Johann Nestroy)

48. “He who does not value life deserves it.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

49. “A man who is willing to die for nothing deserves to live.” (Martin Luther King)

50. “Life is the most precious thing in the world – most people only exist.” (Oscar Wilde)

51. “The affairs of our lives have a strange course which can not be calculated.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Phew, not so easy to digest all the different, optimistic and pessimistic, pragmatic, and idealistic sayings and quotes about life so quickly.

But how could one draw a successful conclusion of life?

I think the best thing is, if you’re not doing it yet, just start living it the way you want it. Start with the first step! For it is your life.

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