Best Email Campaigns for New Year


Best Email Campaigns for New Year

2018 is around the corner and it’s time to roll up your sleeves to design great email campaigns filled with best wishes and gifts. Talking about businesses and customers, it’s the right time to present your customers with goodies for being with you. While you wonder about how to build an exciting email campaign, we have got you covered on bright ideas. Before you drop the ball, let’s look around these top picked email campaigns for new year to make 2018 your year of email.

Include a bit or two from these ideas and you will certainly feel great about your email campaigns. Let’s get started.

Best email campaigns you’ve got to give a shot this new year

Idea#1 : Connect the customers with your business – Scribbler

Scribbler is a retailer from London, UK. It’s a greeting card retailer and a personalized cards website. Scribbler grabs the new year occasion, which is a perfect time for resolutions (most of which are broken by noon 🙂 ), to pitch their three products to customers and they have done a pretty good job at that. It reminds customers to stay organized in the new year by picking their diary along with a call-to-action for ‘Locate your nearest store’. Second is their digital calendar to remind important dates and occasions, with a call-to-action ‘Login or Create an account here’. And thirdly, their signature personalized cards with a free delivery option.


When you use multiple calls-to-action, make sure that they are different and messaging is clear. Scribbler uses three calls-to-action (CTAs) in their email, all of them for three different purposes – branding their physical stores, promoting their new product (digital calendar) and promoting their signature product (personalized cards). The message used in the CTAs perfectly match with their goals and direct the customers without any confusion.

Idea#1 : Connect the customers with your business - Scribbler

Idea #2: Instill a sense of urgency – Thomas Cook

New Year is a time of celebration with excitement levels soaring high. Thomas Cook, one of the leading leisure travel groups, takes advantage of the new year eve to celebrate with its customers by encouraging subscribers to pre-book their holidays with them and at the same time promoting one of its products – ‘Inclusive deals’. The call-to-action ‘Don’t miss out’ creates a sense of urgency to avail the offer before it’s timeout.


Thomas Cook understands very well that urgency is a great tool but does not work on its own. Customers won’t feel the worth of the offer if it’s not relevant to them. It’s obvious that every person travels at some time in a year, so they offered to pre-book their holidays all-through the year. Had they offered it only for a certain period of the year, they wouldn’t hit the bull’s eye.

Idea #2: Instill a sense of urgency - Thomas Cook

Idea#3: Offer sale and clear off on your stock – Pottery Barn

You might assume to keep your emails low during the holiday season, but statistics say the opposite. Most of the times, customers need that little extra push to make a purchase which they have been waiting on (you‘ll know this if you have tracked the behavioral actions of the customer through an automation tool) and what’s better than a new year to encourage them. Including incentives in the subject lines – here offering a free shipping on final sale items – increases engagement and revenue. People love offers that come their way and a gift card inclusion improves the value in the offer of Pottery Barn.

It’s good to communicate your offer well before customers get disappointed. ‘Only items ending in $.99’ passes a clear message to customers and removes all confusion.

 Idea#3: Offer sale and clear off on your stock - Pottery Barn

Idea#4: Pay homage to your customers – Agile CRM

Customers are the reason for how well your business is today and it’s time you gift something back to them. Agile CRM, an all-in-one CRM solution, does this every new year. The mention of ‘You are one of the selected few’ conveys the message to customers that they are one among the special ones. ‘The last date to opt-in’ clears the air and calls for a quick action from customer’s end. They have Newsletter software to

Have fun with them – Poppin

Have fun with them - Poppin

‘Wishing you a Poppin New Year’ sounds more fun when compared to ‘Wishing you a Happy New Year’ – don’t you think? Poppin is a office supply retailer based out of New York city, USA. In the email, Poppin highlights all of its products in 2015 design.

To effectively brand your emails, you need to divert the attention of customers to the goal you have in mind. Poppin’s goal is to drive customers to use their feature of ‘Shop by color’, which allows them to buy products by choosing colors. They place a CTA ‘Shop by color’ exclusively for that product, which directs to this landing page.

Kate Spade’s resolution email is another example of tuning in customers in a fun way.

Kate Spade’s resolution email is another example of tuning in customers in a fun way.

Idea #5: Challenge customers based on their interests – BackCountry

Knowing your audience is the primary goal of any business and once you know them, it’s easy to target them with the right promotions. BackCountry, an online retailer for adventure and sports, know their customers very well and often push great email campaigns including too-good-to-believe discount offers. In the new year email, they challenge their customers based on interests and divert them to their products – ‘Yoga for new year’ diverts to Yoga clothing, ‘Run down your fitness goals’ diverts to accessories and clothing for running, ‘Ride the road to fitness’ diverts to bikes, helmets and other accessories, ‘Vertical resolutions’ diverts to climbing clothing, footwear, essentials.

Idea #5: Challenge customers based on their interests - BackCountry

Test your email campaigns to capitalize on the best one. Include one or more of these ideas in your email campaigns, but before that consider the metrics of your past email campaigns.

Hope that you are all excited to design the new year emails, share the results with us on our Facebook page. We’d love to see your designs.


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