With winter in full swing, many people are likely traveling elsewhere to get some good hunting in. Before unloading the gun safe and carelessly throwing your guns into the case and heading to the airport, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to traveling safely with guns.

If you’re avoiding flying anywhere and wish to stick to driving, make sure to pack your guns unloaded and in a case. Additionally, the gun must be securely locked in the truck or elsewhere where neither the driver nor passenger can get to it. The only exception to this would be concealed weapons, in which case a concealed weapons permit is required.

Gun Safe Gimmick to Avoid

Check out the Gimmick of these day of using gun safe for home or different hunting reasons.

Bolted to Floor

Firstly, it is good to know that time is always an enemy of every gun safe. How so? Because given a lot of time, any burglar will come up with a way of opening your safe. This means that the location of your safe is a priority you can’t ignore.

The best gun safe is always bolted to the floor because this will prevent the burglar from towing away your safe. If you have a gun safe that lies at a corner, two burglars will comfortably roll it out and work on it later. What’s more, your guns safe will be better protected if there is an alarm.

Their Handle Located in The Middle of the Door

This gimmick is added to make the safe more attractive (customers also prefer a beautiful 5 spoke handle in the center of the door), however, it’s the most impractical place to put the handle. It doesn’t allow shaft support, so it has a high chance of the clutch getting loose and wobbling.

Clutches and shear pins are needed for this linkage design. They are made to break when the safe is being attacked, but this makes it more susceptible of being broken into by simply beating the handle up and down. Or, a little girl playing around, jerking on the handle while it’s locked can get you locked out and needing a locksmith.

Another problem, is cluttering of the safe door with a lot of moving parts mainly because it needs to reach the handle. So, you need proper maintenance and keeping it safe measure for the guns. More moving parts = a higher chance more things will break. The best linkage designs will have a handle more towards the left of the safe, while facing it.


Their Palusol Door Seals

The most important thing is to go for a reputable safe manufacturer. Why so? If there are issues with your gun safe you need someone who will support and honor the warranty, if any. This can only happen with a company that has been in the business for some time

Gun Safe Considerations

This means tools of any kind should always be far away from the gun safe which makes the idea of a home safe in a garage a particularly bad one. It is also important to note that burglars also differ in knowledge. Some are real experts who will work with any rudimentary tools around to open any quality gun safes. If you place the safe in the garage, you are giving them all the time and tools to work out how to pry open the safe.

You might wonder how is it that a safe with a total lug count of 5 can be rated one of the highest in security and the answer is this: a smart locking assembly and lots of thick steel.

The location of your safe will also determine how secure your guns will be. If you place the gun safe around your home power tools, this will make the work of a burglar much easier.

Few more words

With these factors in mind, the next thing you need to consider is what type of safe you really want. Some of the gun safes available are seamless molded body. The thickness of the body and the doors is a major consideration. The gauge of the steel should be taken into account and as per most requirements, thick is always better. The doors can be hinged or not; the lock mechanism could be dial or digital among other specifications.



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