Life of Professional Gamers: League of Legends

The biggest dream every child had growing up was to become a gamer. When in 2000, gaming officially became a profession and people started getting pays, gaming became more charming. If you are good at league of legends you have got yourself a life out there. You get ultimate sponsorships, free living in Los Angeles. All your necessities are full filled. Your bills are paid, and above all, you get paid big numbers. When I say big numbers, I am talking millions. About 27 million people play league of legends every day.

It all sounds so fascinating and all that anyone would love to jump in and start playing. But the truth I a little different. There is a lot of pressure on players, and they have got to go through tense situations. Some players also buy League of Legends boost from Apart from that, you have got to play more than 14 hours a day to stay on the top of the charts.

Personal life

By looking at the lifestyle of the top players around the world, you can guess that gaming can highly affect their personal life. To be honest, there is none sometimes. You get out of the bed, grab a bite and start playing. Bathing, showering, and brushing is all time-wasting activities, that are highly optional. This can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle, and most importantly it affects the eye sights and the back. Sometimes players have got to go through the back surgeries.

Professional gamers have very fewer chances of getting married or having a girlfriend. Being in relationship costs a lot of time. While being a gamer, you need to be only focused on the game. About 67% gamers are single, keeping this fact insight that they are loved by the audience.


Professional gamers never have free time. Not even for themselves. Sometimes you can feel down or homesick, but your teammates will always be around. You never have time to give your thoughts a second. You will have all the luxuries, but there will be less time to enjoy it.

Job security

Although you can earn a lot, there is no job security. Most of the time, you depend on your luck. You can practice and practice but when the final day arrives somehow you lose, and your career can go downhill from there.


Yes, you will be away from your family a lot. But you will have teammates, which is nice because they will care about you and you will care about them. It is good to know that there is someone is on board with you and exactly gets what you are going through. It’s like living your best friends all the time, there will be challenging times, but also there will be some amazing memories, that you can later look back on.


The challenges games throw at you can be handled by a thumb and fingers, but the challenges life throws at you are much difficult to handle. The schedule of a professional gamer is a lot different than the rest of the world. The fans can stalk and bother you sometimes.

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