Lower Back Pain and Sexual Injuries

There are millions of people all over the worlds who are diagnosed with lower back problems. According to the statistics, there are over 31 million Americans that are affected by a lower back pain. Furthermore, this problem is also the no.1 cause of keeping people away from their regular jobs.

There are already so many problems that are caused due to lower back problems, and now it is seen that lower back problems could also affect your sex life. Yes, it’s true. The lower back problems could lead to sexual injuries. The statistic shows that around 18 million American men are diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction, which makes it the most common form of sexual problems in men.

Moreover, the study shows that the men with lower back problems have a greater risk of erectile dysfunction. How worse can it get? The two most common problems have a connection with each other.

How can Lower Back Problems lead to Sexual Injuries?

Having a sexual intercourse is not an easy task. Yes, it is an exciting task for every individual out there; however, it also requires a lot of body movement and stamina. First of all, a person with a lower back pain immediately experiences a reduction in their libido. Secondly, a lower back pain can cause:

#1 Tight Hip Flexors

These muscles connect your lumbar spine to your hip. This is also known as hip flexors. Due to the lower back pain, it leads to compression in a groin area. And, this compression causes reduced blood flows and other problems. A tight hip flexor further leads to a problem in all sorts of joints, muscles, and tendons. All these problems can cause erectile problems and other sexual problems.

#2 Pinched nerves

The pudendal nerve is the nerve that is responsible for the sensation around your genitalia. The damage to this nerve can lead to various kinds of sexual problems. The problems in this nerve can cause chronic numbness in the testicles, scrotum, and the penis. There was a study carried out to find the relationship between peripheral nerves and diminished genital sensation.

After looking at 260 cyclists, it was found that 33 of those cyclists had numbness in their penis after a long ride. The interesting finding of this research was that 21 of those cyclists were just temporarily impotent while another 11 cyclists had this issue for more than a week. However, the numbness experienced by the cyclists was gradually gone after they stopped cycling.

#3 Herniated Disk

The problem with a herniated disk can create a lot of problems in many bodily systems.  And, the problem in this area can also lead to various sexual injuries, which can negatively affect your sex life.

How to overcome the Difficulties caused by the Lower Back Problems?

There are ways to overcome the sexual difficulties that are caused by lower back problems. Here are the 3 ways to overcome the problems.

#1 Communicate with your partner about your issues and try new sex positions

Having a sexual intercourse is possible, even while having lower back problems. However, there is a need for some change in the way you have a sexual intercourse with your partner. Openly talk with your partner when you experience a lower back pain while having a sexual intercourse. Know the limits and stop the intercourse when you feel you cannot go on.

And, also try some new sex poses that are not so difficult to experiment with for the people suffering from lower back problems. The sex poses, such as cow pose, child’s pose, downward facing dog, and others can be great poses to try out when the person is suffering from lower back problems.

#2 Take preventive measures

The lower back problems will not disappear in a quick time; however, lower back pain can be reduced in a quick time. There are pain relievers on the market, which can help the person to get a quick relief from the back pain. Consuming these pain relievers before having a sex can help the person with a lower back problem.

Use pillows or towels to support your back to be comfortable and to prevent further damage to your back. And, elevating your back with the help of pillow means there is no need to bend as well. Another great way to deal with a lower back pain is by taking a warm bath. A warm bath can quickly reduce muscle soreness and tension.

The heat improves the blood circulation, which relaxes the muscles. A warm bath can help to deal with any knots that are formed due to lower back pain.

#3 Try stretching your muscles

Most of the coaches recommend the players do some stretching before playing intense games. Stretching the muscles help in enhancing the muscle flexibility. A person not only needs an optimum level of stamina to perform well in the bed, but they also need to be flexible to try out various sex poses.

In the case of a sexual intercourse, it’s quite similar to intense physical activity. Like the athletes, it is a very nice idea to do some stretching before a sexual intercourse. The study shows that a gentle stretching and an exercise plan can greatly help in the healing process and prevent lower back pain.


There are many things one can do to prevent themselves from lower back problems and erectile dysfunction. Men struggling with erectile dysfunction can check out the erectile dysfunction natural treatment as well. However, there are some cases when one suffers from lower back problems despite taking a lot of care about their health.

Treat other physical and psychological problems at first before you deal with your sexual dysfunction because there is a good chance that your sexual problems could be the result of another illness. Do not hesitate to talk with a doctor, as they can provide some valuable tips that can help you get rid of your sexual problems.



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