Millwork is one of the simplest ways to dress up a barebones wall and give your home the character that it deserves. A well-dressed wall ties the room together, setting the stage for the rest of your furniture. But what is it? And how do you go about implementing it in your home?

What is millwork?

This is the name for any kind of woodwork that is produced in a mill. There’s a good chance your house already has some examples of this design feature in it. Baseboards are one common example of this design feature, as are wood panelling and moulding.

There are many ways to use custom millwork to enhance the look of your home. Depending on the overall style, it can be ornate or simple, bold or subtle. Read on to discover how you can use custom-made designs in your home to really tie the décor together.

It enhances traditional homes

More so than modern homes, traditional homes are likely to have a significant amount of woodwork already present. Colonial homes generally feature tall, wide baseboards with little adornment while Victorian homes often feature opulent carvings and details throughout the home. No matter the original style of your home, you can add woodwork that has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the natural character of your home.

In a traditional home, consider adding picture frame mouldings or a touch of custom-made, detailed panelling to enhance the space. You can use this technique to create a cohesive flow from room to room, including often forgotten spaces such as bathrooms or closets. Consider, perhaps, a custom-designed closet optimized for your particular needs and built with personally selected wood, finishes, and hardware.

Use this trend to amplify modern design

Albeit commonly seen in traditional houses, when done right, millwork can provide a “pop” of style to modern and contemporary homes. Flat panelling, baseboards, and other simple items are your friends here. Applied correctly, a designer can create simple yet geometric patterns that add a touch of character to an otherwise clean and simple home design.

Another trend for modern design features contrasting colours. Simple baseboards and mouldings make quite a statement when painted a bold contrast to the rest of the walls in your home. If you want to be even bolder, combine a daring color choice with a bit of textural interest to truly make your home design one-of-a-kind.

It’s not going away

Decorative woodwork has been a staple of home design for centuries, and it’s not going away. They key is to find woodwork that matches your home’s character and use it to enhance that character. Whether you’re looking for something decorative and ornate or something more subtle and refined, custom millwork might be just the thing to update the design of your home with. Plus, since this feature isn’t limited to simply decorative functions – think kitchen and bathroom cabinets, custom-designed closets, entryways, and more – you can establish a personal style that flows throughout your home and creates a relaxing and sophisticated experience.


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