If you are dreaming for a momentous wedding, organizing a beautiful wedding event with proper planning and management is the most crucial thing that needs attention. Nevertheless, planning a wedding appears easy in the beginning, it is often intimidating with you begin to take up the tasks. Everybody wants their wedding to be a perfect one that can mesmerise the guests and satisfy them to an extent that it will always be remembered. But, many times there are chances that you may not get that pat on your back.

When we began with wedding planning, we realized that planning is easy but things get difficult when it comes to executing tasks with proper time management. Skips happen because of poor planning and forgetfulness and working process and we needed a foolproof solution for that.

To tackle this problem we have created some online tools for our clients that are extremely useful for them to plan their weddings. There are hundreds of tasks that need to be executed and it has been a pleasant experience for our clients who have planned their weddings with our weddings planning tools!

So, let’s take a look at our wedding planning tools and see how they can help you plan your wedding better.

  1. The first tool is “My Shortlisted Venues.” This tool gives you the ability to shortlist the venues that fit best into your budget and are suitable to your choices. The benefit you get with this tool is that there are a variety of venues available in Mumbai and choosing one over the other can be difficult because you may get confused while choosing the most suitable one. With this tool you can shortlist the venues based on their features and your budget easily. This is one of the best wedding planning tools since finding and venue in Mumbai is not an easy job.
  2. While planning a wedding you don’t just book a wedding place, you also need a few venues for other functions like Haldi, Sangeet, Reception and Parties etc. “My bookings” is the tool that makes booking different venues for different wedding functions easy. You can book, say three venues for different functions and manage dates, payments for it and all the other arrangements that are required for particular functions. You get to plan and manage all the functions in one interface. This way there is no room for confusion and frustration which is a common thing during wedding planning.
  3. “Design Wedding Invitations” is another great tool that lets you to create a list of the guests you want to invite. You have to enter the name, email and phone number of every guest and once you are done with the list you can create a CSV file and download it in MS Excel. This way you can add the name of each and every guest so that later on there are no regrets because of forgetfulness, because in Indian weddings every relative is unavoidably important! The main feature of this tool is that you can also design your wedding card with it. We have numerous beautiful readymade invitation card templates that you can use for your cards. You can design your wedding invitation card the way you want by adding designs, images, font styles and background colors. You can download your card and get it printed or you can also send it via emails or Whatsapp messenger.
  4. Now comes the most critical part. You have several functions and planning for each of them with utmost care is not easy. “My Checklist” is a tool that makes this easy for you! You can create checklists of different tasks that need to be executed for different wedding functions. You can create more than one checklist for each function you want to organize. When you use this tool the chances of forgetting any important thing is almost zero, because you can begin building these lists months before your wedding and you can keep updating them till the day of your wedding!
  5. “Budget Manager” is a tool that lets you manage your wedding expenses efficiently. While planning a wedding you need to note or record every expense like the wedding venue, food, décor, transport etc. With Budget Manager you can create and manage your budget list. It gives you proper estimations and lets you to figure out the arrangements where you can cut down costs or make things affordable. In short, this tool helps you make your wedding affordable and keeps you from paying more unknowingly.
  6. Guests and relatives begin to arrive during the last few days before wedding. By this time you would need their accommodation ready if you have a small home. “Replied Guest List” deals with accommodation. This list contains the guests or relatives that are coming and it tells you the number of people who need accommodation till the wedding day. You can record their arrival dates and their transport requirement so that you can arrange that on their day of arrival. The main advantage of this tool is that you can manage guest accommodation beforehand.
  7. “My Created Invitations” is the tool that helps you to list the people who have accepted your wedding invitation. This tool tells the number of families that are coming and the near-exact number of people who will be attending your wedding. No doubt you can plan for food and accommodation better if you know the estimate of people who will be attending the wedding. This tool lets you save the expenses that you would otherwise spend on the guests who didn’t come!

All of these wedding planning tools have been designed to make each and every task easier to manage and execute. Not that old-school methods don’t work but modern and sophisticated methods can do better. Better the planning, better is the event and better the event more is the satisfaction of your best ever wedding!


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