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The Truth About Eyelash Extensions of Celebrities in Los Angeles & Hollywood


The Truth About Eyelash Extensions of Celebrities in Los Angeles & Hollywood


Celebrity Eye Extensions Tips

The salon is an important stop for celebrities and full, long, voluminous lashes are something everyone in Hollywood is going for. They are even spending their money on silk, mink, or Siberian mink extensions to help draw attention to their eyes. Here are some answers to popular questions you will want the answers to if you hope to have as amazing extensions like the celebrities in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Different Types of Extensions

There are so many different sizes, shapes, and styles of eyelash extensions available. It is important to have them put on by a professional who is trained in applying eyelashes and will be able to help you pick out the best thickness, length, and curl that will fit you the best without causing any damage to your natural lashes. Classis lashes are applied for 1 lash extension at a time to 1 of your natural eyelashes. They can easily add thickness and length to any eyelashes. Russian Volume eyelash extensions add volume because they add 2 to 8 extensions to a single eyelash. This adds a lot of fanning eyelashes to where you had only 1 lash before.

Safety First

Since you are adding so much when you get Russian Volume lashes they must use a light material to avoid causing damage to your natural eyelash. If you are getting this type of extension, you should be sure you go to a professional who has experience in applying this type specifically. You risk causing permanent damage if you do not seek out an expert.

How Long To Expect

The amount of time it takes to add extensions to your eyelashes depends on the type that you’re getting and how full your eyelashes already are. You can probably expect to spend an hour and a half at an appointment for regular extensions and up to three hours for Russian Volume lash extensions. That is probably long enough for you to take a nap while your eyes are closed.

How Long Will They Last

If it is going to take you such a long time to have your lashes applied you should probably be sure that they will last you for a good while. Your natural lashes have a life of around 6 to 8 weeks before they fall out and are replaced by new ones. Theoretically, this is about as long as your extensions should last but since they are all falling out and being replaced at different times. You should probably go back for eyelash extension maintenance every 3 or 4 weeks to keep them looking perfect. After that time you can apply some mascara but you should avoid waterproof mascara because it will break down the glue that is used and force you to scrub at your beautiful eyelashes to get it off.

Eyelash extensions are all the rage in Hollywood with all the celebrities. You can look just like them as well. Find a trained professional and know how to treat your eyelashes to make them last the longest and look the best.

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