A reliable record keeping is a key part of any business. Business executives perfectly understand the need to carefully record and store employee attendance information. Rejestracja czasu pracy system design by Biofinger – PTC Security Systems based on detailed analysis of customer needs and capabilities. In cooperation with HR departments of the largest Polish companies, we have successfully created the RCP software that collects and processes the data collected during the registration process. On this basis, the employer receives a fair knowledge of the quality of the business. RCP software guarantees the speed and precision of even the most complex time-management systems, also works with HR and payroll systems such as SAP or Symphony.

About RCP system

  • Insight into the working time of employees at any time, eg who is currently working?
  • Significant reduction of time when calculating remuneration, because manually completing the work card takes up most of the time?

Why Opt For Rejestracja Czasu Pracy System

By using integrated RCPs (Time Recorders), recorded employee entry and exit events are immediately visible in the program in your monthly work card without any additional work. The proposed solution is a fully functional RCP system. The following equipment has been selected for quality and functionality to meet your specific requirements. Familiarize yourself with the detailed equipment specifications and the differences, paying particular attention to:

  • Place of assembly
  • Registration method
  • Data buffer
  • Video recording legitimacy
  • Types of cards used
  • Number of users

The basic elements of the RCP system are:

  • Time recorder
  • Proximity cards
  • Software

Advantages of the RCP system:

Rejestracja czasu pracy System primarily generates savings. By disciplining employees, you can reduce labor costs and prevent abuse.

Allows you to control delays, work breaks and business and private exits. Work time records also allow you to conveniently adjust the working time to the needs of the employee.

In addition, this electronic system can be connected to each branch of the company, so that at any time you can generate a report on the current status of employees of the company.

The data collected and stored in this manner are completely safe. The installation of this system solves many of the problems faced by modern companies and ensures a relatively quick return on their financial implementation.

How Does RCP Work?

The operation of the system is based on the cooperation of recording equipment with cards identifying employed persons. Its key elements are time recorders, proximity cards and RCP software. Each use of the personal identifier is reflected in electronic documentation. The most important effect of using the system is the collection of information on the working time of all employees. It is worth noting that the time registration system can consist of multiple registration points located in different places and include additional devices such as rotary gates. The RCP system, like the other ones offered by PTC Security Systems, has the possibility to cooperate with other systems such as access control or IT security.

Rejestracja czasu pracy By Biofinger

PTC Security Systems RCP is an ideal solution for any company, regardless of its size or the nature of its business. It is used by employers and employees from many industries – from administration, industry through education centers, health services and uniforms, to service companies.

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